The Report

It is with great pleasure that I share with you MADE-BY’s Annual Report for 2015, which for the first time includes the MODE Tracker brand results for G-Star, Ted Baker, Haikure and Vivobarefoot.

Having been appointed by the Board in April 2016 as Chief Executive, I am delighted to take the helm of the organisation and help fulfil its very ambitious vision of making sustainable fashion common practice.

And that vision has never been more crucial – with a growing global population, the demand for clothing will increase significantly and it is our objective to work with brands, NGOs and other stakeholders to make the production and distribution of clothes as sustainable as possible – respecting employees, using fewer resources, emitting less CO2  and with as much clothing and materials being brought back in the cycle as possible.

Sustainability in the fashion industry should no longer be considered as a niche, but as a key element embedded in the strategy of all partners involved – including the consumer.

To support that transformation with the highest possible impact, we will focus our knowledge and efforts on:

  • Offering transparency (e.g. through MODE Tracker, but also through our new supply chain mapping service. See page 25 of the Annual Report for more information)
  • Best practices and consultancy, including strategy setting and implementation support
  • Capacity building and publicly available industry reference tools and benchmarks.

Thank you so much for your ongoing trust, engagement and commitment to work with us – I do very much look forward to working with you to drive sustainable change in the fashion industry!

With very kind regards,

Sabine Ritter

Chief Executive Officer

Download the MADE-BY 2015 Annual Report