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Welcome to our 2016 Annual Report

Sabine Ritter,
Chief Executive Officer, MADE-BY

MADE-BY’s mission to make sustainable fashion common practice is more relevant than ever before.

Our support to fashion brands in developing and implementing sustainability strategies and tools continues to be in high demand. Our scope and work is characterised by a holistic approach, which sets us apart from other initiatives in sustainable fashion.

Key to our approach is:

  • We address both social and environmental conditions and recognise the importance of existing standards.
  • We support brands and retailers to address the full lifecycle impact of collections ideally in a circular approach – from design to fibre choice, to production and finished product to recycling and reuse.
  • We support brands and retailers at all stages on their journey from awareness raising, strategy setting to implementation and reporting.
  • We believe it is imperative to collaborate with others on this journey.
Our Theory of Change

MADE-BY’s objectives are focused on doing less harm in relation to employees, natural resources and materials, pollution and CO2 emissions, but our aspiration is to shift towards a circular, or even restorative model, where the industry can do more good on a systemic scale.

We support companies wherever they stand on their journey: helping beginners to become advanced learners and supporting enthusiastic followers into becoming leaders.

Our change agents within the companies range from designers, buyers and sustainability teams to the management and boards. We provide them with knowledge, simple tools and training to help them make informed decisions and help guide them on their plan and commitment to drive change.

Our Theory of Change is based upon the concept that knowledge paired with transparency enables and leads to commitment – and with that to change. This is not a linear approach, but a continuous improvement process.

  • Knowledge: We provide knowledge through our consultancy and our publicly available tools.
  • Transparency: We provide transparency through our services on supply chain transparency and MODE Tracker
  • Commitment: We empower companies and other partners through our strategy consultancy and publicly funded engagement of retailers and brands – all resulting in Change.

In providing the above, we have three priorities:

1. Create:
Focused creating knowledge, tools and partnerships

  • Since its inception, we have been focused on innovation and sustainability in the fashion sector.
  • We have a niche team, who are at the forefront of developing new ideas, concepts and implementation frameworks.
  • Sharing knowledge by providing public tools as well as guidance documents, trainings and master classes.
  • We form strategic alliances and continue to foster close partnerships with industry stakeholders looking to accelerate our joint impact.

2. Implement:
Focused on applying and validating tools and demonstrating legitimacy

  • Our in-depth and specialised knowledge and tools allows us to support brands and retailers in a number of critical areas and allows them to understand and improve their overall sustainability performance.

3. Scale:
Focused on creating awareness and scaling impact

  • We support brands, retailers and their partners – large or small – throughout their journeys, from assessing the current baseline to implementing multi-year strategy plans.
  • We work towards creating and extending our engagement and support public projects intended to reduce the social impact and environmental footprint of the apparel industry.
Highlights in 2016:

MADE-BY was successful in generating greater awareness of social and environmental issues and provided technical expertise that directly resulted in the fashion industry becoming more sustainable. We were very honoured to work with more than 40 companies on strategic setting and governance, bespoke consultancy support and training.

MADE-BY has continued its expansion into Europe by extending its reach into Germany, Italy, France and Scandinavia as well as undertaking some projects in the US and Asia.

Some of the key activities for 2016 included:

  • Extending MADE-BY’s footprint into Asia and the USA. MADE-BY provided support on strategy development and implementation (including policy development) with a major Japanese brand and several US companies., as well as in the European market with several key players.
  • The first year of our MODE Tracker results were published in April, which received wide interest and coverage from press and stakeholders across Europe.
  • In May, the launch of the European Clothing Action Plan (ECAP), a €3.6 million project funded by EU Life with the target to divert over 90,000 tonnes per year of clothing waste from landfill and incineration by March 2019.
  • The kick-off of the SMART Myanmar project, a €2.8 million EU project, funded under the SWITCH Asia programme and focused on making social and environmental improvements in Myanmar’s garment industry.

MADE-BY also participated at key events internationally, speaking at the Sustainable Apparel Forum (Copenhagen), the Textile Exchange Conference (Hamburg) and engagement with the Dutch Covenant (Amsterdam) amongst others.

MADE-BY completed its final year of the five-year funding programme from the Dutch Nationale Postcodeloterij (NPL). We would like to thank NPL for their support over this time, which allowed us to develop Mode Tracker as well as the outreach to some of our partners.

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