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Looking Ahead

Outlook 2017:

2017 will be the year of disruptive innovations for sustainable fashion:

  • Focused towards implementing a circular vision of clothes and textiles – with innovative business models, technologies and ways to finance innovations, driven by the necessity to drastically improve the working conditions and drastically reduce the footprint of the fashion industry
  • Facilitated by new and entrepreneurial collaborations in our industry – moving far beyond the current 1:1 strategic partnerships – across industries, bringing all actors together to leverage the best ideas
  • Enabled by transparency and traceability using the most innovative technologies and standards, so they become “current practice” and affordable
  • Driven by consumers demanding sustainable fashion and being prepared to act.

For MADE-BY, 2017 will be focused on increasing our impact in the industry and across the respective countries. Related to our priorities, some of our activities will include:

Capture, create and share knowledge and tools

  • We plan to update and extend our offer related to sustainable fibres ranging from our public knowledge tools — including the Environmental Benchmark for Fibres and the Wet Processing Benchmark — to fibre guides and support for companies in developing more sustainable fibre strategies.
  • Continue to provide training and capacity building on a number of topics, such as fibres and detox, as well as run a consumer lab under the SMART Myanmar project.
  • Create strategic partnerships with other collaborative sustainable fashion platforms. One step will be the move of our Netherlands office into the Fashion for Good Centre in Amsterdam, which aims to accelerate change towards a circular vision for fashion, hosting several like-minded organisations as well as an Innovation Incubator and Accelerator.

Apply and validate tools, demonstrating legitimacy

  • We will support companies in their desire to understand and improve their supply chains and mitigate potential risks along the value chain.
  • We will further support brands and retailers to improve and communicate their overall sustainability performance through our MODE Tracker tool.

Create awareness and scale impact

  • We support companies through strategy consultancy from assessing the current baseline to implementing multi-year strategy plans and policies as well as moderating CSR Boards.
  • We will extend our engagement with public projects intended to reduce the environmental footprint of the apparel industry in the UK (through SCAP), the EU (through ECAP) and Asia (through SMART Myanmar).

Beyond specific projects, MADE-BY will continue its involvement with relevant stakeholders and working groups, such as the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), the WRAP-led Sustainable Clothing Action Programme (SCAP) Working Groups, the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) at the House of Lords and the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Working Group, to name a few.

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