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The second pillar of our work is Transparency.

Through our technical and expert consultancy, we use our knowledge and tools to guide and encourage brands and retailers to be more transparent across its value chain. MADE-BY supports brands and retailers with the identification and application of social compliance initiatives and remediation plans for and range of supply chain issues. We have also worked with companies on developing and implementing their commitment to Modern Slavery.

Whistles has worked with MADE BY for three years on consultancy projects in our CSR division. In 2016 MADE BY contributed specifically to our work on the Modern Slavery act and public statement. MADE BY worked in an informative, knowledgeable and collaborative way and this was found to be extremely beneficial to the business.”
Roz Adams, Product and Compliance Manager, Whistles

MADE-BY has also guided brands and retailers on how to identify the environmental impact of the chemicals and wet processing techniques used within their supply chain.

ALDI: Detox Support

MADE-BY supported ALDI, a leading German retailer, with its commitment to the goals of the Detox campaign, which strives to reduce the negative impacts on people and the environment caused by the use of hazardous chemicals in textile and footwear production.

As part of the project we designed and moderated an international Detox Summit in Shanghai in November 2016 to increase Detox awareness and understanding of all involved stakeholders. Approximately 400 participants, among them representatives from Greenpeace, scientific institutions, governmental organisations and business partners, discussed with the ALDI business groups the requirements and implications of the Detox commitment. Within a Market of Opportunities expo, new approaches to solutions in the different areas of Detox were presented by various international service providers. The Summit was followed by workshops with supply chain partners to discuss operational challenges and implementation solutions.

We also drafted and designed the Detox progress report 2016 which explains the ALDI Detox strategy, illustrates the underlying goals, documents what has been achieved so far, and outlines ALDI’s plans for the coming years until 2020.

MODE Tracker

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We support brands and retailers to improve and communicate their overall sustainability performance. Through our MODE Tracker tool, MADE-BY helps brands and retailers to become more transparent. By being open about their progress, brands and retailers give a clear indication of their sustainability commitments to its stakeholders.

MODE Tracker is our unique tool, created for the fashion industry, that independently verify brands and retailers’ sustainability efforts. The tool supports brands and retailers to improve their sustainability performance by measuring and communicating year on year performance. It is a robust framework which is aligned to existing sustainability initiatives. This framework has been reviewed by over 50 industry experts and took two years to develop, pilot and refine the process.

Launched in 2016 with four pioneering brands, this year we are very pleased to welcome two additional participants, Just Brands and WE Fashion. Learn more about MODE Tracker here: http://www.made-by.org/modetracker/about/

The original four brands, G-Star, Haikure, Ted Baker and VIVOBAREFOOT, have now completed their second year of reporting. For the first time, it is possible to see the progress the brands have made and this is visible by comparing their 2015 results against their 2016 results.

Overall, the progress made by individual brands is evident with improved scores from 2015 across several cubes, including the mandatory People and Product cubes. The total breadth of information published for 2016 increased with brands reporting on a total of 27 cubes, up from 17 last year.

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WE Fashion


Top Sourcing Countries:

As part of the Product Cube MODE Tracker monitors and verifies the brands more sustainable materials claims (by weight). In 2016 BCI cotton and organic cotton remained the most widely used more sustainable materials.

Supply Chain Transparency

MADE-BY has over 10 years of experience working to implement mapping and traceability initiatives. We support brands and retailers to understand and mitigate potential risks and we provide guidance on how to create and implement a successful transparency programme.

MADE-BY’s Transparency offer:

  • Includes supply chain mapping and sustainability due diligence.
  • Is fashion specific, with tailored sustainability questionnaires targeting the key social and environmental issues.
  • Results are validated by an expert team at MADE-BY, leaving brands and retailers with greater confidence into the accuracy of their transparency project outcomes.
  • Enables brands and retailers to visualise their supply chain, meaning they can easily segment suppliers based upon many different risk factors.
  • Enables brands and retailers to conduct custom root cause analysis of issues as they arise.
  • Based upon supply chain feedback MADE-BY will conduct workshops with brands and retailers to better understand its risks and develop actions to reduce impacts.
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