MADE-BY’s Detox package supports you to proactively address the issue of hazardous chemicals within your supply chain.

Over 2,000 different chemicals are used by the fashion and textile industry. In recent years the risk that chemical usage poses to both human health and the environment has become increasingly apparent with industry being urged to eliminate its use of hazardous chemicals.

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Our free Wet Processing Benchmark illustrates the sustainability of common wet processing techniques and applications in terms of water use, energy use, and potential chemical or safety hazards.

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In-House Brand Services

Training & Workshops

on a variety of chemical-related topics, the Detox Campaign, ZDHC and similar brand responses as well as how to create a brand-specific roadmap for reducing the chemical impact of products and processes.


on wet processing best practice and how to build internal capacity.

Chemical Management Support

to develop, benchmark and implement a Restricted Substance List (RSL) or MRSL.

Supplier Ranking Tool

which enables you to rank and monitor the environmental performance of your key suppliers.

Supply Chain Services


your suppliers directly on wet processing best practice and legislation.


aimed at your suppliers with guidance materials on wet processing best practice and techniques.

Cleaner Production Programmes

to support your brand in engaging with partners and selecting the most appropriate improvement projects, to optimise resource use in your supply chain.

Project Management and Integration Support

on publicly funded improvement programmes such as the Bangladesh Water PaCT: Partnership for Cleaner Textile and the Better Mills Initiative in China.