What does this Tool do?

Our Guide to Textile Wet Processing Standards provides an objective and comparative overview of many of the industry certifications related to wet processing.

The tool helps you to navigate the numerous standards and supporting you to select ones that best fit your individual goals, whether that might be energy reduction, hazardous chemical reduction, support in environmental management, labelling of sustainable products, or a combination covering several areas.

We developed this guide in collaboration with the managing bodies themselves and update the tool on a regular basis.

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The Impact of Wet Processing

The scope of wet processing is broad and complex; spanning multiple tiers of the supply chain and covering processes from pre-treatment through to dyeing, printing and finishing. The environmental footprint of wet processing is enormous as each stage consumes significant amounts of water, energy and (hazardous) chemicals. Fortunately, the opportunities for improvement are equally enormous– and in some cases quite exciting and innovative.

We offer wet processing guidance for both brands and suppliers. To learn more about how to develop and implement improvement strategies, see the MADE-BY Detox Consultancy Package.