Allanna McAspurn

CEO, London Office

Before getting involved in ethical fashion I was an academic teaching advertising, but a sabbatical in the Himalaya turned my life around and in 2001 I set up a distribution company selling ethical fashion to mainstream boutiques across Europe. I later co-founded the Ethical Fashion Forum, a network of businesses and designers who highlight positive advances within the fashion industry.

During my four years as a distributor I used my knowledge to help brands across the developing world create ethical and commercial collections. I later switched sides and became Head of Clothing at Natural Collection, the UK’s award winning green retailer.

Ethical fashion is a passion of mine and it’s therefore fantastic to see how much things have progressed. New technologies in wet processing, the evolution of eco fabrics and the advancement in social certification for mainstream factories now mean that all designers and brands, regardless of their size can make steps to improve the social and environmental impact of their supply chains.

I am delighted to be heading up MADE-BY. This organisation has the potential to transform the high street; it gives brands the tools to address social and environmental issues in a step by step approach.

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