December 1, 2017

Image: Stop Slavery Award

During the fifth edition of the Trust Conference in London, C&A was awarded the Stop Slavery award. The award is organised by the Thomson Reuters Foundation and is awarded each year to companies that are taking concrete steps to eliminate forced labour from their supply chain. The aim of the award is to create a virtuous cycle, a positive paradigm to demonstrate that business can play a critical role in putting an end to modern-day slavery worldwide. Fifteen companies were shortlisted, ranging from clothing and food retailers to hospitality companies. Amongst the shortlisted companies were Adidas, Walmart, Nestlé and Barclays Plc.

The jury described C&A as “exemplary” because of the transparency with which they approach the elimination of forced labour. C&A has included labour guidelines and protocols in their code of conduct that apply to all their suppliers. Audited annually, the guidelines cover legal compliance, working conditions and environmental performance for 2,500 factories. “C&A collaborates with suppliers who have over a million employees combined. They all deserve the same respect and dignity. Our customers expect a high measure of social responsibility from use. We understand we are not there yet. We have to continue to collaborate with other companies, branch organisations and governments to improve working conditions globally while taking into account the unique challenges in each country and region”, commented Jeffrey Hogue, Global Chief Sustainability Officer at C&A.

Next to C&A, Stop Slavery awards were also given to Adidas, The Co-operative Group and Intel for their demonstration of integrity, courage and innovation in cleaning their supply chains.

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