November 10, 2017

Image: Kering / Textile Exchange

Kering and Textile Exchange have collaborated on two guides about the organic cotton trade. The goal of these guides is to provide a blueprint for companies sourcing organic cotton and to increase the use of organic cotton in the fashion industry. Organic cotton currently only makes up around 0.5% of the total global cotton supply, which makes it difficult for companies to find exactly what they need. The two guides aim to help companies find the type and quality of organic cotton they need, and to encourage more responsible pricing and trade of organic cotton. Both of the guides are easy-to-use tools and demonstrate best practices.

The first guide, titled Organic Cotton: A Fibre Classification Guide, which includes a map that gives indications of fibre lengths, average micronaire (a measure of fibre fineness) and average yarn count of each organic cotton producing country. The guide has a special focus on India since it is the largest producer of organic cotton. India currently grows 70% of the global organic cotton supply.

The second guide, A World Beyond Certification: A Best Practices Guide for Organic Cotton Trading Models, provides detailed roadmaps of trading models and examples of best practices. This guide is split into two sections. The first section looks at current successful models and initiatives as well as promising new models under development. The second section gives recommendations on cotton pricing and trading models.

Kering’s Sustainable Sourcing Specialist, Christine Goulayat, explained the brand’s involvement in creating the guides during the recent Textile Exchange event: “Kering was motivated to develop these guides to support the scaling up of organic cotton, which we believe will positively impact the trade overall. We hope the guides will be useful for our peers in identifying sources for organic cotton and in structuring their supply chains in a more environmentally and socially sustainable way.”

Both guides can be accessed for free online:

Organic Cotton: A Fibre Classification Guide:

A World Beyond Certification: A Best Practices Guide for Organic Cotton Trading Models:

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