MADE-BY’s Leather package is designed to reduce the environmental impact of leather production within the fashion industry.

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MADE-BY’s Awareness raising tools give brands initial information around the sustainability impact of leather, here we can help guide your brand in establishing priorities around the impacts of leather.

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In-House Brand Services

Strategy Workshops & Training

to help you establish and implement knowledge and a strategy for producing more sustainable leather.

Sustainable Leather Guides & Manuals

covering options in leather, the key sustainability risks, as well as more sustainable processes, productions and types of leather.

Chemical Management Support

to develop, benchmark and implement a Restricted Substance List (RSL) or MRSL.

Supply Chain Mapping

to help you gain visibility of your leather supply chain through mapping exercises, setting out a clear understanding of your supply chain and priority suppliers.

Supply Chain Services

Environmental Footprinting

to help you measure the carbon, water or waste impact of your leather and help to set targets, implement reductions and communicate achievements.

Manuals & Training

to transfer knowledge and empower your suppliers, facilitating environmental improvements in your leather supply chain and fostering closer relationships.

Chemistry Support

to help you build on the work you have already done at brand level, implementing Restricted Substances Lists at suppliers, arrange testing and a range of other chemistry related services.

Supply Chain Transparency & Product Traceability

to train your suppliers directly on topics such as country of origin, tannery processes and certifications.

Tannery Improvement Projects

aimed at identifying major sustainability and risk areas at tanneries in your supply chain and work to actively implement best practices, improved technologies, production techniques and methods and other environmental improvements.