MODE Tracker enables fashion brands and retailers to make clear sustainability progress. We compare brand activities against our expert-reviewed roadmap, summarising performance in two outputs:

1. Visual scorecards for clear, credible stakeholder communication

2. Detailed drill down of results for strategy setting

The roadmap is made up of eight ‘cubes’ which together span the full product lifecycle:

We evaluate brands and retailers against four levels of activity:

Level 1 evaluates a brand’s basic engagement, including setting a strategy and creating a baseline – the foundational elements needed to make consistent year-on-year progress.

Level 2 examines how a brand puts their level 1 commitments into action. This includes setting targets, investing in capabilities, and collaboration with the broader industry.

Level 3 is stretching and evaluates adoption of best practice, often in arenas beyond the brand’s immediate control, e.g., supplier capability building and consumer engagement.

Pioneer: Brands that demonstrate outstanding industry leadership receive special commendation, indicated by the flag icon.

MODE Tracker verifies all of our data and claims. It is an extensive verification process which provides us with a simple clear overview of our progress, allowing us to credibly communicate both internally and externally.”
Frouke Bruinsma, Manager Corporate Responsibility, G-Star

The traffic light visuals give a high level overview of our successes and areas of focus helping guide where we invest our time and resource.”
Kate Wakeling, Ted’s Conscience Manager, Ted Baker

The MODE Tracker process has made us stronger, challenging us to change the way we work. It has given us a long term sustainability strategy, helping to make progress year on year and to communicate this journey, by looking back and comparing year two with year one and so on.”
Damian Peat, Operations Director, VIVOBAREFOOT

MODE Tracker offers independent verification of our sustainability performance and support in relation to implementing improvements in the different sustainability levels. It helps us take the right steps and challenges us to look forward to the next level.”
Marijke Willemsen, CSR Manager, WE Fashion

MODE Tracker has been an inspiration for us in implementing our CR strategy in a holistic way. It is a great tool to verify our steps into a more sustainable supply chain and a good motivation to challenge ourselves for constant improvement in the future.”
Chanel Hoogduin, Buyer & CR-coordinator, Just Brands