MODE Tracker enables fashion brands and retailers to make clear sustainability progress. We compare brand activities against our expert-reviewed roadmap, summarising performance in two outputs:

1. Visual scorecards for clear, credible stakeholder communication

2. Detailed drill down of results for strategy setting

The roadmap is made up of eight ‘cubes’ which together span the full product lifecycle:

We evaluate brands and retailers against four levels of activity:

Level 1 evaluates a brand’s basic engagement, including setting a strategy and creating a baseline – the foundational elements needed to make consistent year-on-year progress.

Level 2 examines how a brand puts their level 1 commitments into action. This includes setting targets, investing in capabilities, and collaboration with the broader industry.

Level 3 is stretching and evaluates adoption of best practice, often in arenas beyond the brand’s immediate control, e.g., supplier capability building and consumer engagement.

Pioneer: Brands that demonstrate outstanding industry leadership receive special commendation, indicated by the flag icon.

MODE Tracker takes all of our data, verifies it and provides us with a simple clear overview of our progress, allowing us to credibly communicate both internally and externally.”
Frouke Bruinsma, Manager Corporate Responsibility, G-Star

The traffic light visuals give a high level overview of our successes and areas of focus helping guide where we invest our time and resource.”
Kate Wakeling, Ted’s Conscience Manager, Ted Baker

The MODE Tracker process has made us stronger, challenging us to change the way work. It has given us a long term sustainability strategy, helping to make progress year on year and to communicate this journey, by looking back and comparing year two with year one and so on.”
Damian Peat, Operations Director, VIVOBAREFOOT

MODE Tracker is a powerful tool. It has helped us work across departments to better understand the full scope of our sustainability practices and through its visual summaries, MODE Tracker brings all these activities together into one communication tool which is easy to share with our internal teams. We believe it will be a major force for good in the fashion industry and we are proud to be associated with it.”
Subathra Vaidhiyanathan, Senior CSR Manager, New Look

This holistic, comparable approach from MADE-BY should improve the availability of credible data to stakeholders and influence the quality of sustainability plans. It strengthens the business case for being a leader not a laggard.”
Rachel Wilshaw, Ethical Trade Manager, Oxfam GB

MODE Tracker is a roadmap to improved sustainability performance. It’s based on over a decade of experience of supporting fashion brands in improving their sustainability performance and has been refined with input from 50 industry experts.”
Allanna McAspurn, Former CEO, MADE-BY