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MODE Tracker is a commitment between MADE-BY and the brand or retailer to track and communicate progress over three years.

Your MODE Tracker Commitments

Every MODE Tracker brand or retailer commits to:

  • Work with MADE-BY to submit and verify evidence for a minimum of three cubes (always including People and Product cubes) over at least three years
  • Communicate progress through annual MODE Tracker scorecard publication from at least the second year

Our Verification Commitments

MADE-BY commits to robust and independent evidence-based verification. The process is designed to use a brand’s existing data and documents, rather than requiring completion of specific surveys or creation of new documents. This frees up time for the brand to focus on making progress. We evaluate the brand against three levels of activity:

Level 1 evaluates a brand’s basic engagement, including setting a strategy and creating a baseline – the foundational elements needed to make consistent year-on-year progress.

Level 2 examines how a brand puts their level 1 commitments into action. This includes setting targets, investing in capabilities, and collaboration with the broader industry.

Level 3 is stretching and evaluates adoption of best practice, often in arenas beyond the brand’s immediate control, e.g., supplier capability building and consumer engagement.

Pioneer: Brands that demonstrate outstanding industry leadership receive special commendation, indicated by the flag icon.

These scores are then weighted depending on impact of each criteria on sustainability performance. This methodology has been tested by 50 recognised industry experts.

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If you are a fashion brand or retailer interested in MODE Tracker, please tell us a bit about your brand needs and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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