MADE-BY has worked with industry experts to set up a MODE Tracker Advisory Panel. The Advisory Panel is designed to help advise on content and to ensure that MODE Tracker reflects latest developments in the industry.

Bastian Buck

Bastian Buck, Global Reporting Initiative

Bastian has worked in various capacities for GRI since 2006. He has an in-depth institutional knowledge of GRI’s technical development history and played a key role in the successful development and launch of GRI’s G3.1 Guidelines in 2011 and the G4 Guidelines in 2013. He became Director Sustainability Reporting Standards in December of the same year. Bastian has presented and lectured on sustainability reporting in more than 30 countries and has a vast experience in the moderation of consensus-seeking processes and the facilitation of international multi-stakeholder expert working group procedures. Bastian is now responsible for all standard setting activities at GRI. His core project in 2016 is the Transition of the G4 Guidelines to the first set of GRI Standards.

Tom Digby-Rogers

Tom Digby-Rogers, British Standards Institute

Tom is the British Standards Institute (BSI) lead for sustainability and energy standards. BSI is the UK national standards body responsible for the development and publication of good practice standards that underpin industry and society.
Tom is responsible for managing BSI’s national sustainable resource committee, which is generating the world’s first circular economy standard. Currently he is working on international collaboration efforts to enable the transition to smarter, sustainable cities and communities. His role is focussed on bringing government, trade bodies, academia and NGOs together to discuss specific sustainability challenges, building agreement on the role for standards.

Sarah Ditty

Sarah Ditty, Fashion Revolution

Sarah Ditty is the head of policy at Fashion Revolution, the global movement calling for a more transparent and sustainable fashion industry. She works to influence the public, industry and policymakers on social and environmental issues, as well as leading the development of Fashion Revolution’s annual Fashion Transparency Index. Sarah was previously the editor in chief at Ethical Fashion Forum, providing research and training to help small fashion businesses to grow sustainably. Sarah has also worked for materials sourcing platform, circular resource consultancy Worn Again, and fair trade fashion NGO Trading for Development. Sarah holds a master’s degree in Globalisation and International Development from SOAS, University of London.

Hannah Lane

Hannah Lane, Redress

Hannah is Communications and Sponsorship Director at Redress, the NGO working to cut waste out of the fashion industry, where she develops strategy and implementation for PR and media campaigns and corrals support and sponsorship for Redress’ cause. She also is the co-author of Dress [with] Sense, Redress’ new consumer guide. Hannah has over 10 years experience working in the sustainability field, four of which were in China where she headed up sustainability consultancy OgilvyEarth China and sat on the advisory board and organising committee for the Eco-Design Fair Shanghai. She has also worked on a number of sustainable research projects including Green, Let them Eat Cake (WWF 2005) Deeper Luxury (WWF 2007) and Get Going with Green (Ogilvy Earth 2011).

Rudrajeet Pal

Rudrajeet Pal, Swedish School of Textiles

Rudrajeet is Assistant Professor in Textile Value Chain Management at the Swedish School of Textiles at University of Borås in Sweden. He has extensive knowledge on production and supply chain operations in textile and fashion industries. Rudrajeet has a PhD in Engineering Science from Tampere University of Technology in Finland. Currently his key research and projects focus on various issues addressing sustainability in textile and fashion, and in particular on circular value chains & business models, reshoring, and resilience, which have been periodically published in peer journals. Rudrajeet has been engaged in many projects focusing on sustainability issues, both nationally and internationally. Currently he is working with an EU-funded innovation project to develop consumer-driven digitalized local fashion value chains, and in developing a Swedish innovation platform called Re:textile, focused on circular value chains in textile, among others.

Dr. Siva Pariti

Dr. Siva Pariti, Sustainable Textile Solutions

Dr. Siva is currently working in STS as Global Technical Programme Manager, conceptualising and implementing the services wing to achieve the targets set by their clients and synchronising service operations for rendering and achieving quality services. He has experience of conducting training programmes on chemical management and various textile processing and colouration modules, audits for Environmental Improvement, optimisation of processing and ZDHC compliance for brands and retailers and their supply chain partners globally.

Dr. Siva was the former Chief Operating Officer of The Society of Dyers and Colourists (SDC) in India and former Adjunct Lecturer in U.D.C.T., for the Dyestuffs and Intermediate department. He was instrumental in conceptualising and implementing the CSR activity of Academy AADTT and acting as Trustee of the non-profit organisation AADTT, an education charity run in Mumbai.

Francesca Romana Rinaldi

Francesca Romana Rinaldi, Milan Fashion Institute

Francesca Romana Rinaldi is Director of the Master in “Fashion Direction: Brand & Business Management” at Milano Fashion Institute (intra-university consortium between Bocconi University, the Catholic University of Milan, and the Polytechnic University of Milan). She teaches fashion management at Bocconi University in Milan, and is a faculty member of the Luxury & Fashion Knowledge Center at SDA Bocconi School of Management where she is coordinator of the CSR in Fashion & Luxury topic in the Master in Fashion, Experience & Design Management. She is an international consultant for companies in the fashion and luxury sector. In 2010 she started the Bio-Fashion blog with the intention of raising awareness of sustainable fashion. In 2014 she published with Greenleaf Publishing the book The Responsible Fashion Company.