October 13, 2015


MADE-BY will be delivering a series of workshops across key sustainability topics for Netherlands based brands and retailers, as part of the Dutch National Action Plan. These workshops are part of a Masterclass series, developed in partnership with organisations including Modint, Schuttelaar & Partners and Solidaridad and will cover;

The Masterclasses will be held in Dutch, except for Water, Energy & Chemicals where, depending on the participants, English is optional.

The Dutch National Action Plan was initiated in 2013 when three Dutch industry organisations, Inretail, Modint and VGT, developed and presented a collective action plan to improve the social and environmental impacts of the textile and clothing sector within the Netherlands.

Under “The Netherlands Plan of Action to Enhance the Sustainability of the Textile and Garment Sector”, the following thematic working groups have been set up to facilitate discussion and implementation: Circular Economy; Communication; Forced Labour; Raw Materials; Due Diligence; Child Labour; Living Wage; Safety and Healthy Workplace; Promoting Social Dialogue; Water & Chemicals.

For more information on how to register for the Masterclasses please visit: http://www.gidrd.nl/werkgroepen