January 29, 2015

A little bit of background about yourself

I am currently studying economics at the Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany, with a personal focus on development economics. Throughout my studies my attention was particularly drawn to international supply chains and the strategic incorporation of fundamental factors such as human rights, sustainable environmental practices and a holistic view of development into the business activities of a company. Due to my passion for fashion and my course of studies, I developed a strong interest in sustainable fashion, which eventually led me to search for an internship in this field.

Why did you approach MADE-BY for an internship?

I first became aware of MADE-BY during an exchange semester in New York, where I had the unique opportunity to meet Amy Hall, Director of Social Consciousness at Eileen Fisher. MADE-BY helped Eileen Fisher to map 100% of its supply chain in 2013 and the outstanding work conducted by MADE-BY in terms of transparency and sustainability improvement in the process of production therefore captured my special interest. MADE-BY seemed like an excellent surrounding to pursue my interest in the area of sustainable fashion.

What are your daily responsibilities?

Working for MADE-BY as an intern can provide you with a range of very different tasks. The focus of my internship shifted a little from what MADE-BY had announced as the intern role in the first place, so I ended up doing more research work at the computer and less consultancy support than I expected. My internship has been focused around business development, strategy setting and data analysis. The tasks within these fields are very research intensive and take up most of my days. I also monitor industry developments and produce news updates for major international brands. Furthermore, I assist the team with preparing presentations and workshops and offer any ad hoc support when required.

What experience have you gained from working at MADE-BY and how have you benefitted?

My internship at MADE-BY has provided me with a better understanding and overview of the fashion industry’s engagement on sustainability. Every week I come in contact with new and interesting initiatives, brands and organisations within the field of sustainability and fashion, which I find very exciting and motivating. Thanks to MADE-BY and my lovely coworkers, who are always willing to answer and discuss any questions I may have, I am sure that I now want to pursue a career in this area.

Judith Spring

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