January 15, 2015

A little bit of background about yourself

I am currently a 3rd year student at the AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute, where I study Fashion and Management.

My family has worked in the fashion industry for generations and, alongside my own great interest in fashion, it was a logical step for me to pursue my studies in this field. I have always had a strong interest in sustainability and this interest developed further during my college education; I therefore knew I wanted to explore ways to work in the sustainability and fashion industry through an internship opportunity.

Why did you approach MADE-BY for an internship?

MADE-BY is a unique organisation that helps brands to make sustainability improvements throughout their supply chain. MADE-BY’s step by step approach working with brands seemed to me to be the right way to create lasting change.

I first heard about MADE-BY during my studies, where we would use MADE-BY’s Environmental Benchmark for Fibres during our textile classes as a tool to understand the impact of commonly used fibres and to advise us when selecting materials for our projects. I really liked the Benchmark’s simplicity and as a student, the fact that I could access it for free was a great bonus! I am glad I chose to intern at MADE-BY as I have been able to learn a lot of information I would not have had access to if I had interned within a brand.

What are your daily responsibilities?

I have had quite a lot of responsibilities and worked on a diverse range of tasks, ranging from researching brands, companies, monitoring new developments within the industry to supporting on preparing and attending meetings with the brands. During these meetings I have been able to learn about how brands are practically integrating sustainability into their day to day activities, which I find very interesting.

What experience have you gained from working at MADE-BY and how have you benefitted?

During my time at MADE-BY I have been able to learn a lot and, particularly for me, the sheer complexity of the supply chains has become apparent. I’ve also been able to further develop my understanding of what sustainability means to me, as well as gaining insight into the ways that clothing brands are improving their sustainability impact and the processes that MADE-BY uses to help them make step by step improvements. Thanks to the research that I have completed, I have been able to gain a wider view of the opportunities that fashion brands have to develop their sustainability goals.

Eva-Luna Schulte

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