June 12, 2015

us-masterclass-inviteMADE-BY is kicking off a new series of seminars on key sustainability topics for US-based brands and retailers. Through these events, we hope to increase attendees knowledge of environmental and social sustainability considerations for the fashion industry. Each session will provide exclusive insights and solutions to support participants in implementing actions to decrease their impacts.

We envisage these seminars will be most appropriate for sustainability managers within brands and retailers, as well as for sourcing and production teams to make more informed decisions regarding sustainability risk and impact.

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Full Day Seminars

Crash Course on Environmental Sustainability
Tuesday, August 4th
  • Environmental Sustainability 101
  • Cotton
  • Other Fibers
  • Wet Processing
  • Animal Welfare
  • Leather
  • Supply Chain Visibility
  • Changing Legislation & Expectations

Half Day Seminars

Wet Processing & Denim
Wednesday (AM), August 5th
  • Introduction to Wet Processing & Impacts
  • Processes
  • Tools
  • Innovation
  • Success Stories & Inspiration

Sustainable Materials
Friday (AM), August 7th
  • Cotton
  • Other Natural Fibers
  • Synthetic Fibers
  • Animal Welfare & Leather
  • Supply Chain Visibility

European Sustainability Landscape
Friday (PM), August 7th
  • New & Draft Legislation
  • Regional Initiatives
  • Scope: EU, Germany, France, UK, Scandinavia
  • Topics: Modern Slavery, Circular Economy, Product Labeling, Chemicals & Transparency

Seminars to be held at Manhattan-based brand headquarters.