October 14, 2015


The materials and fibres used within garments and textiles are linked to varying environmental and social issues. This Masterclass will introduce the range of more sustainable fibre options available and the benefits they can bring, as well as, answering key production questions related to quality, availability and cost. This Masterclass will furthermore help brands identify ways to maximise their impact through integrating more sustainable fibres. A key outcome of the Masterclass will be to provide participants with a tailor made strategy and action plan.

What & When

The Masterclass is structured as follows:

  • Plenary training session which will cover different sustainable fibre options;
  • Fibre usage calculation;
  • In-house strategy meeting;
  • Plenary knowledge sharing session

The first session will be scheduled in November or December 2015. The timing of the remaining sessions will be planned in consultation with participants


€1,950 (ex. VAT) per participating company

This project is offered with financial support of the European Union EU Life+ programme.

Sign up

To register for the event click here: http://www.gidrd.nl/werkgroepen/grondstoffen

For more information download PDF (Dutch).


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