October 14, 2015


Dyeing and finishing of textiles and garments requires large amounts of water, energy and chemicals. Through training, interactive exercises and knowledge sharing participants will gain insights into how to understand and reduce their impact. In addition to workshops and meeting sessions, participants receive to up 10 hours of tailored support and advice.

What & When

The Masterclass includes participation with two employees at the following 6 workshops:

  • Masterclass kick off (Tuesday 10th November, 2015:)
  • Masterclass on supply chain engagement – understanding your footprint and collaboration for improvement (Tuesday 17th November, 2015)
  • Masterclass on brand-level actions – considering your water, energy and chemicals impact in design, product development, and sourcing decisions (Tuesday 8th December 2015)
  • Masterclass on restricted substance management (Tuesday 19th January, 2015)
  • Two meetings aimed at answering questions and knowledge exchange (dates will be determined jointly)
  • Up to 10 hours or tailored support from either Modint, MADE-BY and Solidaridad

€1,950 (ex. VAT) per participating company

This project is offered with financial support from the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment.

Sign up

To register for the event click here: http://www.gidrd.nl/werkgroepen/water-chemicalien-energie

For more information download PDF (Dutch). (English version)

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