July 20, 2018

Image: Alliance for Responsible Denim

The Alliance for Responsible Denim (ARD), an initiative from MADE-BY, Circle Economy and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences focused on sustainable denim production, organised a ‘Doctor Visits’ event in London on the 12th of June. The Doctor Visits enabled six denim brands to meet with experts in denim finishing with the aim of advising the brands on how to move from conventional to sustainable finishing processes.

According to the Global Fashion Agenda’s 2018 CEO Agenda, “looking at the fashion value chain, the activities with some of the largest impacts on climate, water and chemical pollution can be found in the processing stage. This means that this stage has the highest priority for immediate action.” For this reason, the ARD and its members are focusing on improving specifically in this area with some urgency.

The technical experts represented four leading companies in sustainable denim manufacturing: Garmon, Jeanologia, Tonello and Rudolf Group. The participating brands brought information about the finishing recipes of their Never out of Stock styles so that the experts could provide recommendations on more sustainable finishing options on how to reduce the overall environmental impacts of the product. The Doctor Visits were aimed at helping brands to gain insights into various finishing processes, benefit from the technical knowledge of the experts, and improve their ‘denim recipes’ by using more sustainable finishing machines and chemicals.

The Doctor Visits were organised by MADE-BY in its role as a project partner for the ARD and took place at the NGO’s London office. MADE-BY works with major international retailers in the UK and across the EU fashion sector on tackling interdisciplinary roadblocks to making sustainable fashion common practice. Founded in 2004, many of MADE-BY’s tools and benchmarks remain the go-to reference for those leading change.

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