January 2, 2018

Image: Convenant Duurzame Kleding en Textiel

The Dutch Covenant for Sustainable Apparel and Textile has published its first annual report. According to the report, the Covenant has attracted ten new signatories since its launch one and a half years ago, and currently covers 36% of the Dutch fashion industry.

“One of the results of the past year is a list of production sites that provides insight into where brands produce,” said Pierre Hupperts, Chairman of the Covenant, in the annual report. “We have also published a sustainable material guide, organised training sessions, discussed solutions and taken part in many conversations with signatories and trade unions from production countries. Furthermore, all signatories have created roadmaps to tackle risks in their supply chains. Several companies have already taken action based upon that roadmap”.

Furthermore, the report stated that, in the past year, six problems were reported to the textile hotline that was initiated as part of the Covenant. One issue in Myanmar has been resolved and cases in countries including Turkey and Indonesia are still ongoing. The issue in Myanmar revolved around two employees who were fired after they joined a trade union. “We received the report from the Fair Wear Foundation and we saw that it concerned a factory where brands, including WE Fashion, produce their apparel. Together with WE Fashion and the local trade union we have then contacted the director of the factory. The two employees were hired again, however one of them decided to find another job”, explained Hupperts.

Jaarrapportage 2016/2017 Convenant Duurzame Kleding en Textiel (in Dutch):

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