April 6, 2018

Image (video still): Sabinna / BRIA

A collaboration between UK fashion brand Sabinna and fashion technology firm Brooke Roberts Innovation Agency (BRIA), funded by the EU and supported by WEAR Sustain, has led to the discovery of a technique that can transform cellulose-based waste garments into new materials. The materials made from the waste garments are 100% recyclable and biodegradable and can take on properties similar to tissue paper, cardboard and plastic.

Through the project, designers Brooke Roberts-Islam and Sabinna Rachimova co-created a capsule collection that is fully circular. The materials used for the collection were all 100% cellulose based, in this case cotton and viscose, so that they can be dissolved at the end of the garment’s life using the newly pioneered technique. The dissolved fibres can then be turned into new materials for use in apparel packaging and shop interiors. The companies claim that, through this process, they have successfully demonstrated that it is possible for brands to create commercial fashion that is fully circular.

Tags: bria, brooke roberts innovation agency, cellulose, circular economy, closed loop, cotton, fibre, innovation, sabinna, viscose, wear sustain.