August 17, 2018

Image: Fashion for Good

Fashion for Good, a global initiative to make fashion more sustainable and fair, has launched a new toolkit that will help fashion brands, retailers and manufacturers with producing Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Certified denim. The guide is based on the lessons learned by C&A and Fashion for Good while they were developing their first C2C jeans. These recently launched C&A jeans are C2C Certified against the Gold level.

The toolkit also includes an Assessed Materials Almanac which specifies all materials and ingredients currently assessed for C2C certification and the complete Bill of Materials (or ‘full recipe’) for C&A’s C2C jeans. This means that the toolkit publicly shares information that would normally only be held by individual companies or brands. This transparency is intended to make it easier for other brands and producers to learn about C2C Certified fashion and increase the pace with which these principles are implemented in the industry.

“By sharing inspiring new product development toolkits and guides, Fashion for Good is inviting everyone to come together now in collaborative advantage to co-create products that benefit people and the earth,” said William McDonough, Chief Executive of McDonough Innovation and Co-founder of Fashion for Good.

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