November 24, 2017

Image: ILO

The Dutch Covenant for Sustainable Clothing and Textile has attracted four new signatories. StarSock, ByKay, Noppies and Goosecraft have joined the 64 existing signatories. Through signing the Covenant, these brands are committing to tackle issues such as worker exploitation, animal cruelty and environmental pollution. Participating brands are required to draft an annual improvement plan with specific goals that they must have reached within manageable periods of three and five years. The Covenant has also gained a new a supporter, Control Union. Other supporters include MADE-BY, the Fair Wear Foundation, the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and the Foreign Trade Association.

The Covenant is a collaboration between companies, government, labour unions and social organisations that was set up in the wake of the Rana Plaza disaster in 2013, which brought to light the poor working and safety conditions in the fashion industry. At the launch of the Covenant in March 2016, 55 brands signed up. Now, the Covenant represents over 35% of Dutch textile revenue. The goal of the Covenant is to grow this to 50% in 2018 and ultimately reach 80%. In July 2017, the Covenant published an aggregated list of the production locations of participating companies. The Covenant will stay in effect for a five-year period.

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