June 22, 2018

Image: Good On You

Good On You, the mobile app that rates over 2,000 fashion brands based on their ethical and environmental performance, has now launched in Europe, adding more than 500 European fashion brands to its database.

The launch signals the start of a new European focus for the Sydney-based Good on You. “We’ve been in Europe over the past two months, attending Fashion For Good’s Plug and Play Accelerator Programme as well as the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, and we’ve spoken with dozens of people in the industry,” said Good On You Co-founder Sandra Capponi. “The message we’re hearing from everyone is clear – fashion needs to clean up its act and quickly. Thankfully, there are some brands here forging a path that others can follow. We see Good On You as being integral to that process – we know shoppers feel conflicted when they don’t buy according to their values, but with so many different schemes like Fairtrade, or certified organic, or vegan, it’s not easy for people to compare one brand against another. With the release of this new data, European shoppers will be empowered to make better decisions and brands who want their business will be motivated to be more transparent, sustainable and ethical.”

Good On You looks at more than 50 standards and certifications as well as information from a brand’s website to give it a score for its impact on the environment, labour conditions and animal rights. The brands are then given an overall score from the lowest ‘We Avoid’, through ‘Not Good Enough’ and ‘It’s A start, to ‘Good’ and ‘Great’. The app is available for free on iOS and Android: https://goodonyou.eco/app

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