March 22, 2018

Image (video still): Patagonia

A new organic certification programme spearheaded by US outdoor brand Patagonia, called ‘Regenerative Organic Certified’ (ROC), was launched this month. The goal of the programme is to secure fair working conditions for farmers and workers, improve animal welfare and ecological land management. The ROC certification aims to assure consumers that they are buying a product that is not only environmentally friendly, but that also takes animal welfare and labour rights into account.

“At Patagonia, we are no strangers to leading big shifts and marketing them to customers,” says Rose Marcario, CEO of Patagonia. “We know what it takes to shift supply chains and launch new certifications. Today, we are determined to help lead another big shift with regenerative organic agriculture because the future of the planet is at stake. The new certification for regenerative organic agriculture will set a high bar for brands, provide guidance to consumers and take this urgently needed movement to the next level.”

A non-profit organisation, the Regenerative Organic Alliance, was founded to continuously review and update the programme. During the coming months, pilot audits will take place with a small group of certifiers and producers. The organisation aims to make ROC certified products available to consumers within the next two years.

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