July 5, 2017

Image: Archroma

Denim production is one of the most resource demanding in the fashion and textile industry. The Alliance for Responsible Denim (ARD) brings together denim brands and guides them towards more sustainable and less impactful denim production. ARD is a multi-stakeholder initiative including House of Denim, MADE-BY, Circle Economy and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

MADE-BY helps facilitate and create knowledge and skills within the brands on more sustainable wet processing options. Last week, 30th June, the Alliance gathered for its quarterly meeting and experts in the field were invited to share their knowledge with the brands. Sercan Baykal from Blue Lab talked about conventional denim finishing, how to build wash recipes and showed brands how impactful a conventional denim style is in terms of water, energy and chemical inputs. Begoña Garcia from Jeanologia continued the discussion presenting sustainable and efficient finishing technologies and Jeanologia’s EIM (environmental impact measuring) tool, developed to assess the environmental impact of a garment finishing process.

Tags: ard, circle economy, denim, denim alliance, jeanologia, jeans, made-by, wet processing.