August 10, 2018

Image: Unmade

London-based on-demand fashion software company Unmade has raised $4 million (£3.13 million) in a new funding round. The goal of the company is to reduce overproduction in the fashion industry that has led to large amounts of unsold products by allowing consumers to customise items.

To achieve this, Unmade provides software and new manufacturing methods to fashion brands. Through Unmade’s platform, customers can customise specific items from the brands. The order is then sent directly to the factory, where the product is made and then shipped straight to the customer that ordered it. This means that the brand is only manufacturing items that will be sold to consumers, while giving the customer the chance to own a truly individual fashion item. “Customisation is the first step in replacing the individuality lost by industrialisation. Our aim is to build the technologies and tools to make bespoke an industrial reality,” said Unmade’s Co-founder and Creative Director, Ben Alun-Jones.

The money raised in the new funding round will enable Unmade to expand their business and create pivotal change in the fashion and retail sectors. “We strive to be an integral part in building a more sustainable and tech-enabled fashion ecosystem through on-demand manufacturing and customisation,” said Hal Watts, Unmade’s Co-founder and CEO.

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