July 26, 2017

Dear All,

It is with great pleasure that I share with you the MADE-BY’s Annual Report for 2016: http://www.made-by.org/annual-report/

2016 was another successful year for us working towards our vision of making sustainable fashion common practice.

The new report introduces our Theory of Change, which is based upon the concept that knowledge paired with transparency enables and leads to commitment – and with that to change. In 2016 we:

  • Trained over 500 industry stakeholders on our key knowledge areas ranging from sustainable fibres, due diligence, wet processing to Detox and circular economy.
  • Facilitated increased transparency through our services on supply chain transparency and the publication of the second year of MODE Tracker results.
  • Had the privilege of working with more than 40 companies in committing towards more sustainable fashion and became involved with the European Clothing Action Plan (ECAP) as well as the SWITCH Asia’s SMART Myanmar project.

We see 2017 as the year of innovations for sustainable fashion:

  • Focused towards implementing a circular vision of clothes and textiles – with innovative business models, technologies and financial innovations, driven by the necessity to improve working conditions in the supply chain and reduce the footprint of the fashion industry
  • Facilitated by new and entrepreneurial collaborations in our industry
  • Moving towards transparency and traceability becoming common practice and affordable and
  • Driven by consumers demanding sustainable fashion and being prepared to act

At MADE-BY, we are focused on increasing our impact in the industry through innovative services and programmes and in the next year we will:

  • Update our Environmental Benchmark for Fibres and extend our offer relating to sustainable fibres and Detox.
  • Apply and validate our tools and demonstrate legitimacy by facilitating increased transparency of supply chains and mitigating potential risks along the value chain and
  • Support companies on their journey towards a circular economy as part of ECAP, SCAP and through strategy development.

Thank you for your ongoing trust and engagement. We look forward to working with you to create positive and sustainable change in the fashion industry!

With kind regards,

Sabine Ritter
Chief Executive Officer, MADE-BY

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