April 20, 2018

Image: Google

A new master’s degree focused on circular fashion entrepreneurship has been developed through a collaboration between the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI), Circle Economy and Fashion for Good. The aim of the course is to make students more aware of the problems facing the fashion industry and to enable them to develop innovative, sustainable and circular fashion concepts.

The three partners will now start to bring together a multi-disciplinary and international cohort of students who “all share in the pursuit of re-designing the fashion industry and becoming a global force for good.” The circular fashion course has evolved from the existing MA Fashion Enterprise Creation course that was launched by AMFI in 2016.

Gwen Cunningham, Lead of the Circle Economy textiles team said about of new degree: “Education can no longer shy away from the vast and damaging impact that the fashion industry has and must equip the new generation of fashion professionals with the values, perspectives and knowledge needed to mend this ship we have set sail on, or to build a smarter vehicle for change.”

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