June 29, 2018

Image: Cotton 2040

During the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) 2018 Global Cotton Conference, Cotton 2040 launched a new guide aimed at helping brands and retailers to radically increase their sourcing of sustainable cotton. Cotton is the most widely-used natural fibre in the fashion industry, but presents significant environmental and social challenges to the apparel sector. Although the fashion industry is improving its environmental and social performance, sustainable cotton currently only makes up around 3% of the total global cotton supply. This needs to increase in order to further improve the sustainability of the apparel sector.

The digital ‘CottonUp guide to sourcing sustainable cotton’ supports brands on fast-tracking their sourcing strategies across multiple standards. The guide highlights the business case and main sourcing options for sustainable cotton, provides guidance on creating a sourcing strategy and working with suppliers, and shares case studies from companies that have already navigated the complex challenges of sourcing more sustainable cotton.

The guide was developed by the Cotton 2040 coalition of leading brands and retailers including M&S, Target and Aditya Birla Fashion Retail Ltd; industry standards Better Cotton Initiative and Cotton made in Africa (CmiA), organic standards (represented by Textile Exchange), Fairtrade, industry initiatives CottonConnect, IDH – the sustainable trade initiative, Cotton Australia, Proudly made in Africa and Organic Cotton Accelerator as well as MADE-BY and Centre for Sustainable Fashion at London College of Fashion. Sustainability non-profit Forum for the Future led the work, with funding from the C&A Foundation.

You can access the CottonUp guide at www.cottonupguide.org

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