March 30, 2017

Image: Fashion for Good

Fashion for Good is making an industry-wide call for collaboration to transform the apparel industry at a gathering of fashion and sustainability innovators and thought leaders today in Amsterdam. As a holistic and inclusive open-source initiative, Fashion for Good invites the global fashion industry to re-imagine how fashion is designed, made, worn and reused.

With an initial grant by founding partner C&A Foundation, Fashion for Good aims to foster innovation within the apparel industry by offering practical action in the form of support and funding, sharing best practice and lessons learned in open-source roadmaps and enabling collaboration to bring about industry-wide change.

MADE-BY is delighted to be a collaborator in the Circular Economy Community and will move with its Amsterdam team into the Center. Sabine Ritter, CEO of MADE-BY says: “We are very much looking forward to be part of the transformational movement and the fruitful collaboration with innovators, companies and our other collaborators. This is an outstanding initiative.”

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