February 5, 2018

Image: MADE-BY

The Dutch Covenant for Sustainable Apparel and Textile (Textile Covenant) and the German Partnership for Sustainable Textiles (Textile Alliance) have signed a partnership agreement. The goal of the collaboration is to support companies with due diligence research by aligning the sustainability requirements of the two agreements. Next to this, signatory brands will collaborate on projects to improve working conditions in high risk areas, while gaining the knowledge and support of both secretariats. Furthermore, by joining forces with stakeholders such as suppliers, governments, trade unions and social organisations, additional influence can be exercised.

The German Textile Alliance is a cross-sector partnership consisting of companies, trade unions, non-governmental organisations and the Federal Government. The Dutch Textile Covenant is a new initiative to work on the transition towards a sustainable and responsible fashion industry. The strategic partnership was announced during the OESO Forum in Paris. The new collaboration will also enable brands to become an ‘associated’ signatory, meaning that, under simplified requirements, brands could take part in both initiatives. Signatories of the German agreement have to submit a list of their production sites and accept the Dutch dispute committee in order to join the Dutch agreement. Similarly, signatories of the Dutch Covenant must publish their roadmap and progress reports on the German Alliance’s website of in order to join it.

“With the challenges in global textile supply chains in mind, the cooperation between the Covenant for Sustainable Apparel and Textile and the Textile Alliance is the proper approach in order to achieve permanent systemic change. On the way to joint European and international action, the alignment of sustainability requirements and tools is an important milestone,” said Dr Juergen Janssen, Head of the Secretariat of the German Textile Alliance.

“The cooperation of the two existing national multi-stakeholder initiatives in the textile sector operating on the European market is an important step towards strengthening our impact. It leads us on the path to create, at least on the European level, a level playing field. This is an important aspect in making sure that Due Diligence is not an issue of competition, but rather a common denominator,” added Pierre Hupperts, Chairman of the Dutch Textile Covenant.

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