May 9, 2018

Image: K Alexander

After many big brands banned the use of angora wool a few years ago, the same now seems to be happening with mohair wool. Animal rights organisation PETA has reported that several big fashion corporations will stop sourcing mohair. Mohair is the wool shorn from angora goats. More than 50% of global mohair production takes place in South Africa.

Arcadia Group and Gap Inc. will no longer be sourcing mohair for the brands within their portfolios. Inditex and H&M Group will be completely mohair-free by 2020. According to PETA, the reason for this ban originated from a video about the mohair industry in South Africa where animal cruelty is clearly seen. The video from PETA shows workers dragging goats by the horns and legs, lifting them off the floor by their tails and throwing them across the floor. It’s unclear whether any of the brands sourced mohair from the specific farms that were investigated by PETA.

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