August 3, 2018

Image: IPE

Levi’s and Tesco have become the latest brands to join the Green Supply Chain Map that was developed by the Natural Resource Defence Council (NRDC) and the Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs (IPE). Levi’s and Tesco join Target, Esprit, New Balance, Puma, Adidas, Gap and Inditex, who joined the platform earlier this year.

The Green Supply Chain Map is an online tool that maps the Chinese suppliers of the participating brands and provides information about the air emissions, wastewater discharge, corrective actions and resource usage of these facilities. Users of the online platform, which is available to the public in both English and Chinese, can filter the information by brand to gain more insight into an individual brand’s supply chain and environmental impact.

Levi’s is adding 70 suppliers to the Green Supply Chain Map platform, while Tesco brings an additional 145 suppliers. These suppliers are mainly wet processing facilities, which operate production processes such as dyeing and finishing. IPE praises Levi’s and Tesco for sharing their suppliers on the platform, calling it a reflection of the brands’ leadership in supply chain transparency and environmental management.

View the IPE Green Supply Chain Map:

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