June 26, 2018

Image: Steven Guzzardi

The Love Every Fibre of Your Being initiative has been selected by the C&A Foundation as one of five projects to receive funding following the foundation’s ‘Bridging the Gap’ request for proposals in 2017. Bridging the Gap focuses on supporting initiatives that are working to make circular fashion a reality through the implementation of Circular Economy in the Apparel Sector.

Love Every Fibre of Your Being is an initiative from MADE-BY and Global Action Plan that aims to create brand messaging that improves the wellbeing of young women. Young women are buying more clothes than ever, yet wellbeing and positive body image are on the decrease. This project will work with British-based retailers to explore the link between young women’s fashion choices, body confidence and psychological wellbeing. Love Every Fibre of Your Being aims to understand whether more sustainable and circular fashion offerings can help to improve the wellbeing of young women. Participating brands will be working alongside a panel of experts in public engagement, fashion design, academia, wellbeing, digital media and circular innovation, the project will generate new thinking to showcase and debate at London Fashion Week 2019.

Read more about the project here: http://www.made-by.org/projects/lefyb/

To find out more information and get involved, please contact Una Harcinovic (una.harcinovic@made-by.org).

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