June 21, 2017

Image: Edizioni Ambiente

This week a new book edited by Marco Ricchetti and Edizioni Ambiente and titled “Neo-materials in the Circular Economy-Fashion” will be launched. The aim of the book is to explore sustainability in the fashion industry and to analyse the ‘hot topics’ in this growing business.

MADE-BY were honoured to be asked to take part in the book. Our contribution opens the book and outlines the more sustainable fibre choices used in the industry, referencing our unique Environmental Benchmark for Fibres. After the overview on the current textile fibres market, we explain why the fashion industry needs an Environmental Fibre Benchmark and the methodology behind its development. We conclude with some practical examples of applying the benchmark in the work of brands and retailers. Specific attention is given to the European Clothing Action Plan (ECAP), a current EU-founded project to which MADE-BY also contributes in order to foster a circular approach in the European fashion industry.

The book continues with the analysis of materials divided in three categories: renewable, non renewable and recycling, with an overview of best practices in Italian manufacturing. The issues of chemical management and water efficiency are then explained, concluding with some meaningful insights into brands’ sustainability initiatives.

This book is the second of a series dedicated to the circular economy edited by Materia Rinnovabile/Renewable Matter and can be a considered a reference text for fashion sustainability. MADE-BY will be attending the launch event in Milan on Wednesday 21st June at 6pm at Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica (http://www.edizioniambiente.it/eventi//673/collana-neomateriali-nell-economia-circolare/).

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