July 17, 2015


Image: Kathmandu / Textile Exchange

On the 15th of July, non-profit organisation Textile Exchange (TE) released the second annual Preferred Fiber and Materials Report. The report details the latest fibre research developments and collects usage data for the preferred fibre market used by the textile industry in 2014. With the report, TE aims to make learning about more sustainable materials and resources accessible and easy to understand.

The Textile Exchange preferred material list includes recycled polyester, lyocell, organic cotton, and more. The report shows an increase in the use of these preferred materials and includes a survey which suggests that preferred fibres are outpacing the growth of conventional fibres.

The report ranks brands on preferred fibre use and displays this information on leaderboards. In 2014, TE identified Inditex as the top user of lyocell and sportswear brand Nike as the leading user of recycled polyester worldwide:


Image: Textile Exchange

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