The Problem

Young women are buying more clothes than ever, yet wellbeing and positive body image are on the decrease. Young women report conflicts between their ethical and sustainable values and the societal insta-pressure to have the latest trends leading to purchasing behaviours driven by low cost fashion. This has a negative impact on the supply chain and the environment.

The diagram below depicts a disconnect between what retailers and young women: Believe, Say, Do and Feel.

Call out to Brands and Retailers: WE NEED YOU!

MADE-BY and Global Action Plan are looking to collaborate with retailers and brands that are interested in exploring the link between young women’s fashion choices, body confidence and psychological wellbeing. We want to better understand whether more sustainable and circular fashion offerings can help to improve the wellbeing of young women.

The project will work with only ten retailers with a rooted interest in and concern for both young women’s health and product sustainability. To ensure project success, we will focus on having the right people in the room to discuss the complex issues and generate new insights into this sensitive topic.

The Project

Aims to generate fresh insights into young women’s relationship with fashion and the impact on their wellbeing. In collaboration with consumers and retailers we will explore the disconnect between increasing consumption and decreasing wellbeing.

Working alongside a panel of experts in public engagement, fashion design, academia, wellbeing, digital media and circular innovation, the project will generate new thinking to showcase and debate at London Fashion Week 2019.

Together, the brands and young women will co-create solutions that lock in a circular fashion revolution and also improve the wellbeing of young women.

Business Benefits

+ Gain unique insights into the impact of fashion on your customers’ wellbeing.

+ Collaborate with experts, customers and other industry peers to develop innovative and practical solutions.

+ Co-create brand messaging to influence sustainable fashion choices.

+ Opportunity to be an industry leader in circular fashion and showcase at London Fashion Week.


To find out more information and get involved, please contact:

Una Harcinovic (
+44 (0)20 7420 4428


We have won initial funding from the C&A Foundation to get this project underway. However, before the first phase can begin, the project needs match funding of €100,000. We are looking for partners to support us and seeking co-financing from retailers and brands.

Download this page as a PDF to share with your team and networks.

Download the press release from C&A Foundation.

Project Partners

The project will be co-led by MADE-BY and Global Action Plan, in close collaboration with retailers, experts and young female consumers.

MADE-BY works with major international retailers in the UK and across the EU fashion communities on tackling interdisciplinary roadblocks to making sustainable fashion common practice. Founded in 2004, many of MADE-BY tools and benchmarks remain the go-to reference for those leading change.

Global Action Plan has 25 years of experience in designing large scale public and organisational behaviour change programmes, including the Clean Air Day which reached over 86 million people last year. It uses a collaborative design process to work with young people to tackle our throwaway culture and improve the wellbeing of both people and the planet.