Annemieke de Vries

Head of Operations: Director Benelux, Scandinavia & Italy, Amsterdam Office


During my years as a buyer in retail my interest in sustainability increased tremendously. I went on to work for 10 years as the CSR & Quality Manager for a major Dutch retailer, where I engaged in many aspects of corporate sustainability. This ranged from compliance in factories, to chemicals management, to sustainable products and multi-stakeholder dialogue. I gained strong, practical experience on how to overcome sustainability challenges and continuously improve on the path to a sustainable business. I am convinced that sustainability activities lead to a higher return on investment and that each brand and retailer can make a contribution to a more sustainable future

At MADE-BY, I lead our engagement within the Dutch market, from guiding brands and retailers, to working with ministries, branch organisations, civil society and national initiatives in the garment and textile sector.

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