Ria Kearney

Head of Sustainable Design & Partnerships, Düsseldorf Office

I have spent the last ten years working within the field of sustainability, arising from a fascination with the interconnectedness of global value chains and a desire to work in an area where international business and international development intersect. I enjoy building effective, collaborative relationships and pursuing innovative, scalable outcomes that address the challenges and leverage the opportunities arising from today’s complex supply chains, in order to deliver value to the business, consumer and producer alike. A particular interest in and passion for textiles and the fashion supply chain has led me in more recent years to focus on the global apparel sector, a space within which the sustainability challenges are vast and yet the scale of influence and the opportunities to tackle these issues are significant. Prior to joining MADE-BY, I held positions at Primark, Tata Global Beverages and BT, enabling me to gain broad sector experience, from smallholder engagement, sustainable sourcing and partnership development to programme implementation and stakeholder engagement. I hold a UK Board position for Value Added in Africa and sit on the Advisory Panel for Expectation State.

At MADE-BY, I lead the ECAP (European Clothing Action Plan) programme, a €3.6million EU funded programme aimed at embedding a circular economy approach into the European clothing sector over the next three years. Through ECAP, MADE-BY is working with brands and retailers across Europe to support the development and implementation of sustainable fibre strategies.

I hold an MA (Hons) in International Business and Languages from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh and ICADE Business School in Madrid.

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