Tamara Wulf

Senior Consultant, Düsseldorf Office

At MADE-BY I am responsible for developing further connections with the German market and working with textile and footwear companies on a range of sustainability topics relevant to the industry, with a focus on setting integrated sustainability strategies.

After 12 years working in the fashion industry, I joined MADE-BY with the passionate belief that sustainability can become common practice. I feel deeply inspired by innovations such as the closed loop approach, 3D design and material advancements, which are essential to drive sustainability in the industry.

I have held a variety of positions in the area of sustainability for the adidas Group and Zalandos’ own labels under zLabels GmbH. My key responsibilities included ensuring compliance with the Code of Conduct for adidas Group in EMEA, building up the Ethical Trade Department for zLabels and driving an Improvement Program for suppliers in Europe and Asia, enabling them to find safer alternatives to restricted chemicals. I also had the chance to drive supply chain mapping and closely work with polyurethane (PU) and leather suppliers on the substitution of restricted chemicals in their value chain. As a result I am very familiar with the challenges in vast, global supply chains as well as the operational day-to-day challenges and commercial drivers for the textile, footwear and accessories business.

I am particularly interested in working with different industry stakeholders to build an appetite for change and sustainability amongst them.

I enjoy diving into company cultures to get a real understanding of an organisation’s needs and ambition, as this enables me to develop the right customised solution to create impact.

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