ISO 14001:2004

ISO 14001:2004 provides the environmental management systems requirements.

ISO 14001:2004 also offers to their clients the ISO Concept Database (ISO/CDB) which makes the benefits of using standards easier to achieve, provides users with useful tools for achieving benefits, and cuts the time necessary to develop and revise standards. ISO/CDB also provides a platform for search, development and maintenance of concept content throughout the ISO standards portfolio.


The ISO/CDB enables search of concepts in three important categories:
  1. Terms and definitions
  2. Graphical symbols
  3. Codes (country, currency, language and script)

ISO shares on its website a wide range of publications and e-products, handbooks, magazines and databases which can be accessible by paying a fee or free or charges.

Criteria ISO 14001:2004
Market AcceptanceHigh
Energy x
Air Emissions x
Occupational Health and Safety x
Management System ✓✓
Environmental Policy ✓✓
Social Responsibility x
Audits and Validation ✓✓
Implementation Tools x
Labeling ✓✓


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