bluesign standard

The bluesign® standard is specifically set up to facilitate environmental management by a textile factory. It provides a management system designed from a textile factory’s perspective and aims to facilitate its implementation. The most important goal of the bluesign® standard is to achieve maximum resource productivity, as well as realisation of cost efficiency.

Several tools have been developed to facilitate implementation of the standard:

  • The bluesign® bluetool: software system to verify the compliance of each raw material component against the standard based on its ecotoxicological impact
  • The bluesign® bluefinder: an online database containing raw materials and components that are allowed under the bluesign® standard, and kept up-to-date with the
    newest textile-relevant EHS information
  • The bluesign® blueguide: an advanced database containing bluesign® approved fabrics.
Criteria bluesign standard
Market AcceptanceHigh
Water ✓✓
Chemicals ✓✓
Air Emissions ✓✓
Occupational Health and Safety ✓✓
Management System ✓✓
Environmental Policy
Social Responsibility
Audits and Validation ✓✓
Implementation Tools ✓✓
Labeling ✓✓

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