Apps You Should Have on Your Phone in 2023

by Raven T.

There is truth widely acknowledged, and that is that smartphones have become an unseparated part of our life. As this is the case, we spend a reasonable proportion of our time with these devices, and sometimes we even overdo it. Throughout this time, we are using apps to access various parts of the internet that is offered. Now, there is a wide range of apps that are available on app stores and there are apps that are being created every day. Some of them are rather successful and stay relevant for longer times, while others might just be a probe that never really passes the first test.

But what apps are essential for you to have on your phone? This of course depends on the people's preference and what they want to use their time on their phones for. However, you should make a balance between apps that allow you to enjoy live casino online, to apps that help you focus on your daily tasks, to apps that are a necessity for you to communicate to people. On today's article, we will show you which of these apps you should have on your phone and how to create that balance. Let's jump right in!

Apps You Should Have on Your Phone in 2023
Apps You Should Have on Your Phone in 2023

First and foremost, you should have a navigation app of some sort on your phone. We are living in the year 2023, and orienting ourselves even to some part of the city that we don't know very well is made easy through navigation applications. It is important to have the latest update of the application you are using for this purpose as it will let you use the features it has to its maximal capacity. One of the navigation apps that we recommend is Google Maps, as it might be the most informational navigation app there is. Google Maps will inform you about work construction, traffic jams and the like, in real time. So, go ahead and get Google Maps if you haven't already, as it is available for both iOS and Android.

2. Communication Apps

The second on the list come communication apps, as this might be the primary reason most of the people use their phones. When we think of it, phones have mostly simplified the way we communicate with people if we are to compare it to when people sent messages with letters and pigeons and had to wait for weeks for a reply. Today everything is one click away, and through the communication apps you can easily chat with almost anyone in the entire world. WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram are a few of the apps that have been valued for their privacy and security as they offer end-to-end encryption. These apps are all examples that will allow you to communicate safely with anyone.

3. Leisure Apps

Just as it is important to have the essential apps mentioned above, it is also important to have the leisure apps that will allow you to enjoy the time you spend on your phone. In this case, it is important that you have apps that will in one way, or another help you have a better experience on your phone as a user, but also those that will contribute to a skill. Duolingo is a perfect application if you want to learn a new language from scratch, while Adobe Lightroom is the right choice if you are into photography or editing pictures on your phone that you want to post on your socials. On the other hand, if you want to spend your free time watching a movie on your phone, then Hotstar might be the perfect choice.

4. Helpful Apps

It is also crucial to know what types of apps there are available that will help you best manage your time on your smartphone and not just waste it. These classify as apps that help you organize your day and complete your tasks effectively, such as Todoist. This application helps you organize your to do list and sends you reminders about your upcoming tasks. This allows you to better organize your day and you do not need to write things down on a piece of paper that you might lose later in the day. In this case, you have the full list and the other features in these apps so that once you unlock your phone it is always there. It is particularly important to keep track of everything that you are doing, and the things you intend to do, so these apps will do just that for you.


While the world of apps is still evolving quickly, some have stood the test of time thanks to their great functionality and broad use. From navigation apps such as Google Maps, to communication apps like WhatsApp, to leisure and productivity tools like Hotstar and Todoist, these amazing apps have withstood the test of time by continually providing ease and enriching the smartphone experience. These apps will remain useful companions on your smartphone for years to come, whether you're exploring a new city, keeping in touch with family and friends, streaming movies, managing your life, or pursuing personal interests.

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