Best Sims 4 Mods to Add Features or Functionality of Your Gameplay in 2023

by Raven T.

Sim 4 is a simulation game that was developed in 2014 by Redwood shores. The simulated game has over 200 million players all over the world. The game is been played by creating Sim character . Then, players control the life of the Sim character to disparate personalities. This changes the way the game plays out. This game has been developed with advanced graphic design technology which makes it easier and attractive for players. With the mods, the gameplay is full of excitement because you can apply mods to the game. The application of different mods to the game allows you to enjoy new features that will make the gameplay funfilled.

Summary of Best Sims 4 Mods to Enrich Your Gameplay

The features of Sims 4 mods discussed are summarized in the table below.



Glowing Android LEDs

  • Android LEDs can be added to your Sims head.
  • Sims head has different shapes and levels.
  • It has a version designed for children, teens, and adults.

Old French Village

  • You can have up to 10 cottages in the simulated village.
  • You can erect commercial buildings like schools.
  • The village has natural gardens.

IKEA Home Stuffs

  • You can beautify your house with different furniture.
  • You can choose up to 68 items.
  • The furniture can be customized with different colors.

Mars Human Colony

  • You can have a neighborhood that has 4 houses.
  • The simulated Mars has green areas.
  • The floor of the houses in the neighborhood is made with Martial soil.

Marketing Career

  • You can choose between the management or Communication track.
  • Both communication and management tracks offer five positions to advance your marketing career.

Go To School

  • Simulated to allow you to feel real school experience.
  • The school comprises of teachers, counselor, classmates, principal, and subjects.

Playable Pet

  • It can be played as Cats and Dogs.
  • You have full access to control pets.
  • You can control their attitude.

Become a Sorcerer

  • You can choose to learn either the black or white art.
  • It allows you to use your spell in public.
  • You can specialize in any type of spell.

Best Sims 4 Mods in 2023

Today, I will be guiding you through the best Sims 4 mods that will enrich your gameplay.

1. Glowing Android LEDs - Sims 4 Mod Link

GlowingAndroid LEDs
GlowingAndroid LEDs

If you want a mod that uses the technology of Detroit, the Glowing Android LEDs mod is the best. This PS4 game has a unique feature whereby Androids are living together with human beings. The Androids has glowing LEDs on either side of their head. This unique feature makes it easier to differentiate them from human beings. The Glowing Android LEDs have features through which you can add different heads shapes to your Sims using the android LEDs. This head shapes can be beautified with different colors ranging from red, blue, to yellow . The Glowing Android LEDs also have features that cater to individuals of all age categories. This mod has features through which you can adjust the LED's position to perfectly fit the head shape of your Sims. The use of Glowing Android LEDs is easy. All you need to do is to go to the accessories, choose the eyebrow piecing option, and select earrings.

Visit the video below for more details

2. Old French Village - Sims 4 Mod Link

Old FrenchVillage
Old FrenchVillage

If you need Sim 4 mod through which you can turn an area to a village, you can choose Old French Village. With this mod, you can have a virtual environment similar to the Disney movies . In the Old French Village mod, you can have different buildings similar to those that are obtainable in a typical Old French Village. This feature makes it looks a bit like a traditional setting rather than a modern environment. With the Old French Village mod, you can have up to 10 cottages with different designs in your village area. Also, you can have household Sims that live in the village. The mod also has features through which you can build a castle in the uppermost part of the village. The Old French Village mod has built-in natural attractions like the garden , streams , and mini-parks .

3. Go to School - Sims 4 Mod Link

Goto School
Goto School

Go To School is a Sims 4 mod simulated to make you feel like you are in a school performing all necessary school activities. In this mod, simulation is done in a way that you experience complete education just like normal school life. The mod has features that allow your character to choose their best subject in school. With the Go To School mod, you can set a school-related goal and aspire to achieve them. Additionally, it also has a counseling unit whereby you can receive inspiration to boost your morale and get the motivation to excel. The counseling unit of the school will also train you on how to live a successful life as an adult. Also, you can teach other Sims in your class the skills you have and also pass your academic knowledge in the school to them. Go To School mod is designed for kids and teens .

Visit the video below for more details

4. IKEA Home Stuff - Sims 4 Mod Link

IKEAHome Stuff
IKEAHome Stuff

Have you been using IKEA furniture designs in your home or you need a mod that makes you have a furniture experience, you can choose the IKEA mod. IKEA is a simulated mod that manufactures different kinds of furniture for customers at a cheap and affordable price . The IKEA mod enables you to design your home with stylish and elegant furniture . You can also choose up to 68 items from the furniture available in the IKEA Sims. These items include tables, beds, sofas , and other stylish decorations . The items resemble those that are obtainable in real life with their names and descriptions well represented. IKEA Sims 4 mod also has features that allow players to customize their chosen furniture.

Check the video below for more details

5. Mars Human Colony - Sims 4 Mod Link

Mars HumanColony
Mars HumanColony

The Mars Human Colony is a mod that makes the player feel like they are living on the planet Mars . Once you start the game, the planet Mars becomes your new environment. Hence, you have a new home on the planet to live and carry out daily life activities. In the Mars Human Colony mod, you can create a neighborhood that will consist of up to 4 houses in the simulated Mars. Each house will accommodate one Sim. The environments where the Sims will be living is simulated in a way that it will resemble what is obtainable in the planet Mars. Each house on the planet Mars has Martial soil as its base floor. The simulated environment also contains green areas where the Sims can enjoy the freshness of life.

Visit the video below for more details

6. Marketing Career - Sims 4 Mod Link


when you wish to play a game with Sims that will make you have a feel of the marketing experience , the Marketing career mod will do it for you. In this mod, you have the privilege to choose your desired marketing career that has been simulated to mimic the real-life marketing hub . The marketing career is of two tracks . These tracks are the management and communication track . It enables you to have a set goal in any of the tracks you choose. You earn more as long as you are advancing in your chosen track. The Marketing Career mod presents you with the lower and higher levels in your chosen track. However, you can be qualified to choose a track when you have reached the Program Coordinator Position . It should be noted that the Marketing Career mod presents the players with four positions which are unpaid intern, donor relations, grant writer, and the program coordinator . Additionally, the communication track affords players positions like a publicist, community outreach, marketing director , and social media coordinator. Also, the management track allows players to occupy the Human resource manager, executive director, and chief operating officer positions. They can also occupy the administrative assistant and associate director positions when they choose the management track.

7. Playable Pet - Sims 4 Mod Link


If you need a mod through which you can use pets as your sims, the Playable Pet mod will do that for you. In this game, the pets act as the main character. You can control them in the direction you want them to go. You can also control their behavior, attitude , and provide their need . The Sims is Cats and Dogs . However, to be able to use the mod, you need to install an expansion Park that contains Cats and Dogs.

Learn more about Playable Pets in the video below

8. Become a Sorcerer - Sims 4 Mod Link

Become a Sorcerer
Become a Sorcerer

This is a mod that trains your Sim character how to be a sorcerer and explore the amazing world of magic. In this mod, you are allowed to choose to either be a good or bad sorcerer. You can also choose to either be on the dark or light side . With Become a Sorcerer mod, you can learn how to become a sorcerer and train your Sims mod exactly the kind of sorcerer you want it to be. The mod allows you to choose to learn either white art or black art . It also has features through which you can boost your reputation by casting a good or bad spell in public. The mod has different levels of sorcery. Once you attain the mastery level, you can perform devotional rituals.

Learn more about the mod in the video below


The mods that has been discussed extensively can enrich your gameplay mode. Just download and install any of them and start playing.

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