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by Raven T.

Hello reader, Its by mistake you are reading this article. Well, we will be discussing some ways in which you can get free Amazon gift cards. With little or no effort needed to accomplish it. What is Amazon?, for those who are hearing Amazon for the first time. Let's discuss what amazon is at first.

What is Amazon to Have Gift Codes?

This is one of the most used and popular marketplace you can find on the net. It can be used by all kinds of users, having multiple languages. It supports various platform and it has available in lots of country. Over the years, they have transformed marketing strategy. They have improved the way, users can buy and sell stuff online. You can easily do it at the convenience of your home. Most of the goods sold there are relatively cheap.

Ways Which You Can Get Free Amazon Gift Cards.

These ways help users to get free Amazon Gift Cards. These ways are quite easy and reliable to use. The following are the ways you can use to get Amazon Gift Cards.

Inboxdollars - Free Amzn Codes Link


Tested and Trusted for so many years by various users. It is an online survey site that offers and gives out a lot of gift cards and cash.


· Tested and reliable site to use when it comes to free gift cards.

· It's easy to join and register.

· Site is slick and easy to navigate around

To join, InboxDollars is relatively easy. After registration, you can view different tasks available. These tasks are usually attached to user's profile. For every task you complete, there is always a gift attached to it. These gifts can be packed over time and redeemed in the form of Amazon Gift Cards. Or Users can get the money directly into their PayPal account.

Swagbucks - Free Amzn Codes Link


They are regarded as one of the best in this category of the net. Others claim, they might be the best. Swagbucks is one of the largest growing and popular Get Paid To site. They offer their users varying ways to get "Swag Bucks"( the site form of rewarding users which is like a point/currency). These tasks include;

1. Sharing on various social networks

2. Electronic Exchanges

3. Promotions of Ads


· It's available on multiple platform for users.

· The site is easy to navigate and user friendly.

· They offer good points for each task completed.

Lifepoints - Free Amzn Codes Link


Another great site to try out if you really want the free gift cards. They reward their users on a daily basis, though you have to complete different tasks. This is similar to how Swagbucks operate. The site does offer rewards to users who does the following;

1. Buying goods and services online from its personal affiliates

2. Watching various videos online

3. Reading long test emails

4. Playing various games


· Reward points can accumulated by users.

· The accumulated points can be used to buy gift cards or be converted into PayPal cash.

· The site is easy to use and navigate around.

Amazon Promotional Emails

We all know some sites spam our mail box with emails. Some for a good reason like Amazon does. They give you promotional emails to receive the latest update. They send mail regularly that offers users money for gift card. With gift cards, its easy to get goods at a cheaper rate.

Recyclebank - Free Amzn Codes Link


An all time favorite by users who use it alot. They are very much different from other GPT sites. They don't only recycle stuffs, they also educate their users in varying ways. So how do you earn points?, you do so by reading articles they may publish themselves or written by other individual. These articles usually contain some methods to use on ecological stuffs.


· Its a good idea and if you are pro-green. This site is the best for you.

· The earned points can be redeemed for various gift cards, which include Amazon Gift cards.

· They also offer various products from other companies and ecological companies to their users.

Mechanical Turk - Free Amzn Codes Link

Mechanical Turk
Mechanical Turk

Well, this site is one of the branches of Amazon. Its popularly modernized as mTurk. Its now a "No Survey" and its not a GPT site also. We would use the term Crowd sourcing to describe the site. You can easily make tons of money by completing simple task on the site. The more task you complete, the more money that is paid into your Amazon pay account. These money can be uses on the Amazon site itself to buy products on the site. The money can also be directed into your PayPal account as cash. If you are looking into making that extra cash, then this site is for you.


· It's trusted and reliable as it's a branch of Amazon.

· Site is slick and user friendly in design.

· The rewards are cool for extra income.

As readers, do you know there are sites on the net that offer fee Amazon Gift Cards?. They give users who simply fill out survey forms that shouldn't take you more than a minute or so. These sites are usually backed by some powerful market research companies. These companies use these sites to perform online surveys and require reviews from their customers. Reviews that will help the companies know where they need to improve or where they are doing good.

In exchange for completion of the surveys, users are usually rewarded with cool prizes, cash and gift cards. Where can you find sites like this?, not to worry we have got you covered in this section.

These survey sites offers you Amazon gift card all for free. As long you have completed the survey, you get rewarded. Though be careful there are some sites that don't reward users after completion of surveys. The lists we are about to give you, always give out rewards. And it's very to join and participate in.

Opinion Outpost - Free Amzn Codes Link

Opinion Outpost

We all know how surveys can be boring to do. You tend to upload toy data over and over again for each new survey. But that's not the case with this site. They offer something different and unique. We won't spoil it for you, why not try and check it out yourself. It's very easy to accumulate and redeem all your earnings for either cash or other prizes like gift cards.

Mysurvey - Free Amzn Codes Link


As one of the oldest and most populous survey site, you can't do no wrong trying it out. It is available on various platforms for users to enjoy their stunning features. The surveys are quite easy to do and the site is also easy to navigate around. All surveys can be completed at the comfort of the user's home or during you spare time.

Surveyspot - Free Amzn Codes Link


Using similar format to Mysurvey, but with an higher reward points offered to users. They are one of the best site to easily get a free Amazon Gift Card. You simply fill out various surveys online to get rewarded. As a user, it's not completely a freebie, since you have to fill out forms. Afterwards, you can trade the Amazon gift cards for different products and services on the Amazon platform. As we all know, Amazon is one of the largest online marketplace we have in the world.

Amazon Trade-in - Free Amzn Codes Link

Amazon Trade-in

Did you know Amazon has a section that takes in User's old and unused goods?. They cover all shipping cost involved in the said goods. This method is beneficial to both Amazon and the users. You get to trade your old and unused goods for something entirely new. Though Amazon are usually looking for goods in the line of electronic devices. But they still accept other types of goods. You can go through the section, and find out how much worth the good you are trading is worth. Then afterwards trade and accumulate more points which can be redeemed for gift cards. Before trying this out, Read The Terms and Conditions involved on the Amazon site.

Cardpool - Free Amzn Codes Link


One unique thing about this site is, It is basically a site for exchange for anything Amazon. They have been around for a couple years now and have an established groundwork. It's a site where users bring in their gift cards that is not used and sell it off.

They also accept gift cards of other brands in the business. Afterwards, these gift cards can be converted into something unique and different. Probably a fast food card or a giftcard that is from Amazon. One great thing about Cardpool is, all the gift cards can be redeemed as cash or can be used to get Amazon gift card(for other brands). Which you can use to buy products and services on the mega online store.

List Of Amazon Gift Codes For Free

This section contains various codes for getting Amazon Gift Cards. It's simple to use, just copy and paste these codes. They include the following;































Amazon Gift Card Code Generators

Beware!!!!!!! All Amazon Gift Card Code generator is a SCAM!!!. You might end up losing time, money, personal information to scammers. If you need any Amazon gift card, simply use the methods provided by this article above.

In conclusion,

Hope this article was quite helpful and provides the necessary information you need. With this guide, we hope you can get that free Amazon Gift Card and trade it for something cool on the Amazon site. Thanks for Reading.

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