Best Methods to Install Google Assistant for Windows in 2023

by Raven T.

While Amazon has Alexa and Apple has Siri, Google has Cortana. It was originally launched in 2016 and since  then, it has improved quite a lot. Today, it is the most advanced assistant in the market. What sets Google Assistant apart from others is the partnerships that Google has made. Google has partnered with other companies to bring their assistant in headphones, cars and electrical appliances.

What is Google Assistant for Windows?

Google Assistant is a voice assistant made by Google. It was originally launched as a part of Google Now. In the beginning, Google Now helped get information for you. It helped in arranging meetings, travel schedules and managing your interest and likes. Basically, it provided all the information you needed.

Google Now turned into Google Assistant which operates in the same space. The voice control feature controls the assistant. Moreover, it can also be controlled using text. The Assistant works according to your demands and follows your entry method of conversation.

How Does Google Assistant Start?

To start Google Assistant, you have to say ‘Hey Google’ or you can activate by saying ‘Okay Google’. Since the assistant has smart technology, it can help you find multiple things simultaneously. It also has the feature to recognize all voice profiles from different individuals. Google Assistant works in a conversation method and it understands the context of your demand.

Since Google Assistant operates on Android phones, you can activate it on there too. The Assistant activates even when phone is locked, if you change the settings.

Google Assistant on Google Home Devices

Google Assistant on Google HomeDevices
Google Assistant on Google Home Devices

Google Assistant also operates on Google Home devices. It allows you to manage and control many things at home, without getting up from your place. There are four Home devices under Google Home. They are called Google Home Max, Nest Home Hub, Google Home Mini and Nest Hub Max. Your Google Assistant connects to many things in your home and lets you control them.

· It allows you to hear news from your trusted sources.

· It allows you to play music by any album, genre, artist and mood.

· With Google Home, you can listen to podcasts and relaxing ASMR sounds.

· Sitting on your couch, you can turn on your TV and turn it off, using your voice.

· Google Home lets you check the weather forecast.

· It allows you to search for local restaurants, hotels, hospitals, libraries etc.

· You can manage your schedule and plan your day on Google Home.

· You can get information about your flight and check the weather for your destination of arrival.

· Using Google Home, you can make calls and set reminders.

· You can find your phone if you have lost it in the home. Just command and Google Assistant will call your phone.

· The timer and media alarms of Google assistant let you manage tasks such as laundry, meetings, birthdays etc.

You can also connect Google Home to devices in your home and control them. Without having to move from your place, you can control thermostats, lights, online series and security cameras in the house. If you have a video doorbell, it will stream on your TV through Chromecast.

How to Install Google Assistant for Windows?

How to Install Google Assistant forWindows?
How to Install Google Assistant for Windows?

There are a couple of different methods that you can use to install Google Assistant on Windows. The most important thing for installing Google Assistant is installing Python. This is an app that must be present in your PC for Google Assistant Installation.

Downloading Python

To download Python, you have toget it from the link mentioned above. After that, download the latest file and run the file once it has downloaded. You will see a box in front of ‘Add Python to PATH’. Check mark this box and choose ‘Customize Installation’. After that, click on Next and wait for the next window to appear. In this pop-up, you have tocheck on ‘Add Python to environment variables.

Following that, click on Install and let Python install. Once it is complete, restart your PC and press two buttons at once; X and Windows. This will open a pop up, in which you have to choose ‘Command Prompt’. In this command, enter ‘Python’. This will lead you to current Python version. If the installation fails the first time, try it again.

Install Google Assistant on Windows 10

Using this method, you can install Google Assistant on your PC with Windows 10.

· First of all, you have to go to Google Cloud.

· From there, Create Project and give a name to your project.

· When you project is created, click on the bell and select it.

· From the Project page, select APIs and Services and choose Library.

· Search for Google Assistant in the search bar and Enable it.

· After that, you will have topress the Create Credential Button and answer the questions on screen.


Google Assistant API

Location of calling API


Accessed Data

User Data

· On the bottom of the page, you will see ‘what credentials do I need?’. Click on this.

· On the next page, write the Client ID and make OAuth Client ID.

· Continue after you have written your email address.

· Then, download credentials. This will also download JSON to your PC.

· Save the JSON file in an easy-to-access place.

· Click done. Open Activity Controls.

On the Credentials page, type these commands on the Command Prompt.

py - m pip install google-assistant- sdk[samples]

pip install –upgrade google-auth- oauthlib[tool]

This will start the download that will finish based on the speed of your Internet.

google- oauthlib-tool –client-secrets path/to/XXXXX . json –scope –save –headless

In this command, change the path to actual path and write the JSON file name that was downloaded on your PC earlier. After running this command, you will see URL. Copy and paste it in browser and choose your Google account. This will show you an authentication code. Copy this code in command prompt and click enter. The next step is to test the Google Assistant.

Install Google Assistant Using Python Project

To install Google Assistant through Python Project, you have to follow the steps given below,

· First of all, press these two buttons at once; X and Windows.

· Then, click on Command prompt and enter the following command: py - m pip install google-assistant- sdk[samples]

· Following that, type another command: pip install –upgrade google-auth- oauthlib[tool]

· Then, you have towrite the third command in the Prompt window: oogle- oauthlib-tool –client-secrets path/to/ client_secret_XXXXX . json –scope –save –headless

· The commands will process in a short time. After that, you will see a URL on your screen.

· Open the browser on your PC and choose the option to navigate to the given URL.

· For configuring your Google Assistant API, use Google account.

· This will open a new page on which you will see a code. This is Access token.

· Copy this code and paste it in Prompt Window.

· Just press Enter to save the credentials in PC.

How to Use AutoVoice for Google Assistant?

If you enable Autovoice for Google Assistant, you will be able touse voice input for managing the assistant. For this, you have togo to the Command Prompt and type the command given below. Separate commands by pressing enter.

py - c "from distutils . sysconfig import get_python_lib; from urllib .request import urlretrieve; urlretrieve ('', get_python_lib ( ) + '/ googlesamples/assistant/')"

The next step is to go to Autovoice extension on Google chrome and add it to chrome. You can set any wake-up command for Google Assistant such as ‘Hey Google’. Then, enable ‘Always Listening’ option. The difference between wake up command and wake up expression is that the former is for Google Assistant and the latter is for Autovoice extension. You may set them both, differently. Then, add this command:

googlesamples-assistant- pushtotalk

Now, you can start using Google Assistant. To start the app, say the wake up command and then use it for whatever your needs might be.

Differences Between Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

While both the devices are made for providing ease to the users, they are different in their ways. Google Assistant has a clear advantage that it is incorporated into phones. Other than that, Google has partnered with different companies. This increases the scope ofGoogle Assistant, as compared to Alexa. The differences are mentioned below.

Google Assistant

Amazon Alexa

Assistant has access to more data since it knows about all data, such as contacts and friends, in your phone

Alexa knows mostly about your purchase on Amazon

Google Assistant stays with you at all times since it is incorporated into Android phones

The app for Alexa is not as integrated as Assistant

Google Assistant offers hotword support on all phones

Alexa only has hotword support for Amazon tablets, Huawei and HTC phones

Google Assistant uses real maps and navigation skills to find routes and traffic

Alexa uses addresses and gives traffic report

Google Assistant does basic functions much better without having to name many devices

Alexa needs specific information about which lights to turn on

At the end of the day, it is up to your personal preference that which smart assistant you want to use. Some people like Alexa since talking to it is more personal and comfortable. Others prefer Google Assistant as it offers more features. It is also present in devices other than phones. If you want to install Google Assistant for your PC, the instructions are given above.

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