Best Snapchat Alternatives For Photo Video, and Facial Filters in 2023

Similar Apps To Snapchat

by Raven T.

Sure, there's probably no one who hasn't heard of the social media app, 'Snapchat'. Almost everyone has used this app, at least once or twice ever since its inception. Individuals too, have began searching for much better choices, and in this article, we'll enumerate about 15 apps similar in quality and function to Snapchat.

Best Snapchat Alternatives For Photo Video, and Facial, Filters in 2023

These apps can easily be downloaded on any smartphone, whether iOS or Android. Posting images, several filters for face videos and pictures are available too. They all have great face filters, so you wouldn't feel like you're missing out.

1. Instagram - Alternative Link


One of the most popular social networking platforms on the Net, Instagram is mainly used for uploading and sharing videos and pictures. Legitimately owned by Facebook, it was launched in the year 2010 on the iOS platform, but can presently be utilized on Windows, Desktops, Mas OS, Tablets, and Android. Pictures as well as clips can be posted by any individual with an account on Instagram, and they can be customized with several filters and such as public or private followership. Locations can be included in posts (containing photos or video clips), as well as captions and followers can engage with the posts in form of likes, shares and comments.

2. Imgur - Alternative Link


Imgur is a website that mainly functions as an online photograph hosting platform. Created in the year 2009, it was founded by A. Shaaf, and was ultimately designed to be simple, highly useful and flexible, and these features make it a favorite for social media users. Users of the imgur platform can post photos, create and/or edit them using several different tools and then go on to share with not just Imgur users alone, but with the Internet as a whole. Popular/top rated movies, funny pictures and memes, gifs and so on are common on the Imgur site, and users can express their opinions by submitting comments too.

3. Youcam Fun

Youcam fun is a relatively interesting photo application where you can take selfies, photographs and edit them to your satisfaction using lots of filters available on the app. Effects, color adjustments and stickers are available on this app, so you can give funny looks to your face and that of your friends in a group selfie. Real-time facial editing, and skin tone customization are available, as well as cutout, collages, grids, frame personalization and object removal tools. These pictures and videos can be shared in several other apps too, such as the ones listed above. You can partake in the Youcam fun on different smartphone platforms such as the iOS, Desktops, Android, Tablets, Windows and Mac OS.

4. B612 - Alternative Link

Best Snapchat Alternatives For Photo Video, and Facial, Filters in 2023: B612
Best Snapchat Alternatives For Photo Video, and Facial, Filters in 2023: B612

This is a lovely photo app that you can make use of for your selfies, photos, group pictures, videos, and so on. The B612 app actually takes note of your favorite filters when you edit your apps, and presents them to you when you use the filter option, meaning you wouldn't have to look too much. Simply tap and choose your favorite filter, and then share your content, be it a photo or a video - via other apps and platforms of your choice, or save and view. You can bring in more and more effects of your choice even while recording your video clips, with an option of adding background songs to your videos. Slideshows of your cute selfies and photographs can be used too. B612 has got well over a hundred million users.

5. Face Camera

Probably the best photo editor app out there, Face Camera is loaded with lots of stickers and filters, and it the most popular for sharing videos and pictures on a public scale. It is available on the Android, Mac OS, iOS, and Windows platforms. It has even been reported to be more powerful than Instagram, though that one's still up for an argument. Motion stickers, facial stickers, hairstyle adjustments and so much more are available too, along with a function allowing you to create a private gallery to keep out the nosy ones from your personal stuff.

6. Lemocam

The LemoCam app is another great app for adding awesome filters to your selfies and selfie videos, making it much more dynamic and entertaining. Stickers are available too to give you an ultimate experience, as they react according to postures and movements, thereby creating cool photo effects Several effects including wigs, sunglasses, and other augmented effects are available. To enjoy all these and even more, touch/click/tap the sticker button whenever you wish to take a picture, and then hold it down. You can share it with any and all of your social media profiles. Stickers are continuously added for every update, making your experience more fun. It functions just like Snapchat, and is available on nearly all platforms namely iOS, Android, Mac OS, Desktops and Windows.

7. Likee - Alternative Link


Well known for its image sharing services and availability of several filters, Likee gets more and more popular everyday, now having well over two hundred million users and downloads from the Google Playstore. It is great for photo and video sharing and editing and filter adding purposes just like Snapchat.

8. Beauty Plus

Developed by Meitu Limited, this app has recently become well known, especially on the Google Playstore. It gives some glitz and glam to your selfie, while offering its services via an attractive UI. Lots of features are available ranging from skin lightening and color editing, light adjustment, to removal of dark circles under the eyes. Lots of professional tools are available too, to enhance your experience on Beauty Plus. A sweet alternative to Snapchat, too. It is available on all smartphone platforms.

9. Cluster - Alternative Link


Cluster is mainly used for awesome selfie and video filters, which you can easily share with its community. You can even create/customize your personal private community where you can share your content with the ones you love. Its community keeps growing with over a million active users currently. This is one of the apps you can use to keep your friends and family updated with what's happening with you and where you are anywhere and anytime. And with the release of the Cluster 2.0 upgrade, the company has since launched off into the Android and iPad platforms. It was founded by Brenden Mulligan (Onesheet, Tiplist Founder) and Taylor Hughes (an ex YouTube developer). Even more, the ability to see who's viewed, or has viewed any particular picture you upload helps you to be aware of your total number of engagements, whether they like and comment or not. It is now available on all smartphone platforms.

10. Snapseed - Alternative Link


The Snapseed app is a photo editing app, and one of the best of its kind, too. And if you aren't too trusting of the photo editing features on regular software, then you would surely love Snapseed, as it is one of the more professional platforms offering such functions. It is a Nik Software product that is currently owned by Google. It helps you edit your video and picture content with great filters in a very professional style. Swiping gestures, especially on mobile, are the ways in which users can add their filters and edit, too. After a successful addition of filters, you have the opportunity or choice to send your images to your online communities on Facebook or Instagram.

11. Snow

Another cool alternative to Snapchat, Snow gives you an excellent filter experience by a rich availability of motion stickers that'll help you create fun photos, memes, gifs or videos. What's more, these gifs can be created at the same time you're chatting with friends. Basically, when you open the app it just presents to you the Camera screen straight up. And like Facebook-owned social media, it has got the 'My Story' feature which enables you share your awesome visuals with friends, loved ones and family. Over in China, this app happens to be one of the most downloaded ever. The UI is pretty sleek, and some may say that it is similar to the Snapchat app, but one of its unique characteristics is that the settings page is visible right from the 'Chats' section.

12. VK - Alternative Link

Best Snapchat Alternatives For Photo Video, and Facial, Filters in 2023: VK
Best Snapchat Alternatives For Photo Video, and Facial, Filters in 2023: VK

VK is an abbreviation for "Vkontakte" but more commonly known as VK. It originated from Russia from Saint Petersburg. It is a popular online social network that was formed in the year 2010. Pictures and your video clips can be shared on this platform, and with great filters available too, of course. It's got over 200 million users already (with a similar number of downloads on the app stores too). It is popular especially in Russia and mainly used by the Russian dialect speakers. You can access it on either a browser or app, depending on your preferences.

Best Filter Apps on iOS and Android to Support the Snapchat Alternatives

As we have seen from this article, there are several alternatives to Snapchat. They have got lots of great features ranging from regular filters to professional photo editing, and even lively and hilarious stickers. Anyways, here's a quick breakdown or more like a comprehensive list (according to our article and research) and most preferred are shown, with some additions:

· Instagram

· Imgur

· Youcam Fun

· B612

· Face Camera

· LemoCam

· Like

· Cluster

· Beauty Plus

· Snow


· Yovo

· Messenger Day

· Clipchat

· Wickr Me

· Slingshot

· Line

· Vk

So there you have it, the best alternatives to the Snapchat social network, with all of them available on all smartphone platforms including the popular duo, Android and iOS. Go ahead, make a choice, and pick the application among these that work just great for you!

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