Top Asian Fashion Brands in 2023

by Raven T.

Countries in the Asian continent are not only working hard to lead their counterpart from other parts of the world economically and technologically, but they are also making a giant stride in the fashion world . Fashion is not about looking nice alone; instead it cut across the design of the cloth you are wearing. The fashion world in Asia has been witnessing tremendous progress taking the global market by storm. The outputs from various competing fashion brands are of high quality and well designed to match up with their competitors in the global fashion market. Numerous fashion brands have extended their marketing coverage beyond the continent to make their clothing and accessories known to citizens in other continents of the world.

Summary of Top Asian Fashion Brands in 2023

The table below summarizes the country of origin and the item produced by the top Asian fashion brands.

Asian Fashion Brands


Items produced

Bathing Ape


1. Streetwear

2. T-shirts

3. Fashion apparels

Gentle Monster

South Korea

1. Sunglasses



1. Floral designed dresses

2. Cute tulle evening gowns

3. Tops

4. Bottoms

5. Jumpsuits

6. Outerwear

7. Beachwear



1. Dresses

2. Tops

3. Knits

4. Jackets

5. Denim

Lantern Sense

Hong Kong

1. Blouse

2. Gowns

3. Feminine fashion outfits



1. Clothing

2. Accessories

3. Bags


South Korea

1. Twisted seams

2. Exaggerated hemlines

3. Cut-open sleeves

Reves Studio


1. Gowns

2. Blouse

Goen Jong

South Korea

1. Lingerie

2. Tuttle neck sweaters

3. Black dresses

4. Tee shirts

Mimpi Kita


1. Luxurious Eid collections

2. Office outfits

3. Casual wears

4. Bridal clothing

Best Asian Fashion Brands in 2023

Today, I will be guiding you through the top Asian fashion brands in 2023.

1. Bathing Ape (BAPE) - Fashion Brand Link

Bathing Ape (BAPE)
Bathing Ape (BAPE)

Bathing Ape is one of the foremost fashion brands in Asia that was established in 1993 by NIGO. The Japanese fashion brand is highly hyped by the younger generations of the Asian continent to satisfy their desire for their favorite streetwear . Bathing Ape started its fashion business in Japan as a T-shirt store known as a hole-in-the-wall . In the 2000s, it becomes popular in the Japanese fashion market after it collaborated with celebrities like Jay Z, Pharrell, Eclipse , and Kid cut . Today, the Bathing Ape fashion brand is still trending, and its fashion apparel and luxury items are gaining full acceptance amongst the fashion freak men and women in the Asian continent. In continuation of their marketing exploits, Bathing Ape has established its trading stores outside the continent, covering France and the United Kingdom . It also has stores in countries like China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea , and many more.

2. Gentle Monster - Fashion Brand Link

Gentle Monster

Founded in 2011 in South Korea day Hankook Kim , Gentle Monster has captured the heart of many fashion lovers. The fashion brand specializes in the sales of a low bridge and oversized sunglasses with prices ranging from 200 USD to 500 USD. Gentle Monster has found its way into the fashion market and widely accepted by the youthful generation in South Korea and other countries in the Asian continent. It further gained an exponential acceptance with the endorsement and use by celebrities like Li Yifeng, Kris Wu, Yang Yang, Gigi Hadid, and Kendall Jenner . The fashion brand has continued to maintain its high trending acceptance and patronage, with its marketing coverage spreading globally. Gentle Monster is widely sold in the United Kingdom , the United States, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy , and many more. The fashion brand has maintained its 3-key fantastic approach to the market, which are celebrities, fascinating aesthetics, and its newness .

Check the video below for more information

3. Sretsis - Fashion Brand Link


Sretsis was founded in 2002 in Thailand by Pim Sukhahuta after she graduated from the prestigious Parson School of Design in the United States. The fashion brand is well-known for its high quality, well-designed, and colorful womenswear . Sretsis has been widely accepted by the Thais and other citizens in the continent of Asia. Its popularity went beyond measure after celebrities like Katy Perry and Beyonce were spotted wearing it on different occasions. Sretsis is known to make cute floral designed dresses and lovely tulle evening gowns. The fashion brand has a sales outlet in various countries in Asia and other parts of the world. All Sretsis fashion products are sold at an affordable price.

4. Pomelo - Fashion Brand Link


Pomelo is one of the top-ranked fashion brands in Thailand . The fashion brand derives its concept from native digital fashion in Bangkok. This trending fashion brand was founded in 2011 by David Jou . Pomelo has attracted the interest of the Asian fashion freak individuals to itself by making its fashion products available both online and offline. This has allowed its customers to save more money by making their purchase online, and their product been delivered to their specified destinations. To ensure it compete favorably with other fashion brands, Pomelo has inculcated the act of introducing new designs consistently into the fashion market. This has promoted its product within and outside the continent of Asia.

5. Lantern Sense - Fashion Brand Link

Lantern Sense
Lantern Sense

Lantern Sense is a Hong Kong-based fashion brand founded by the duo of Trevor Ng and Lala Yang in 2014 . The founders of the fashion brand have previously been in the photography and painting industry and were able to translate their knowledge acquired to the fashion sector. Lantern Sense has specialized its fashion output on feminine dresses and has been a famous fashion brand amongst women in Hong Kong and the continent of Asia. Lantern Sense is known to produce high quality and colorful blouse, gowns, and other feminine fashion outfits. All fashion products made by this fashion brand are cheaply affordable to customers. You can check them out to know about its fashion products.

6. Doodlage - Fashion Brand Link


Doodlage is an Indian based fashion brand that has been in operation for some years now. The fashion brand has been the most popular among Indians. It has extended its sales outlets to other countries in Asia. Doodlage fashion brand specializes in the production of fashion gowns, shirts, blouse , and many more. It exists on the philosophy that no material must be wasted. Hence, it recycles all waste materials and uses them as raw materials in the production of fashionable accessories, bags, and many more. Doodlage fashion brands also entice their customers with their packaging style. They make use of biodegradable materials that can be used as fertilizer after the clothing and other materials from them have been unwrapped. All Doodlage fashion products come at an affordable price.

7. Rokh - Fashion Brand Link

Top Asian Fashion Brands in 2023: Rokh
Top Asian Fashion Brands in 2023: Rokh

Rokh is a South Korean based fashion brand established by Rok Hwang . The fashion brand has continued to make its presence known in the fashion market in Asia. Rokh boasts of a well designed, high quality, and compelling articles of clothing products to suit the men and women in South Korea and the Continent of Asia. To the fashion freak individuals that are more interested in the aesthetic values of the fashion materials in their wardrobe, Rokh has made it simpler for them. They specialize in the production of masculine and feminine materials like twisted seams , exaggerated hemlines, and cut-open sleeves that have aesthetic values. All been sold at affordable prices.

8. Reves Studio

Reves Studio is an Indonesia based fashion brand that was established by the duo of Karina Priscilla , a Singaporean and Karina Widjaja, an Indonesian in the year 2016 . The fashion brand has shifted its focus to the production of clothing that is easy to wear and affordable to the customers. Reves Studio is a fashion brand that makes use of silk organza and wool to produce amazing styles of cloths with fascinating colors for its Singapore based customers and those in other countries in Asia. All fashion freak women that wish to look radiant, vibrant, and beautiful can embrace the use of the sexy sheath dresses produced by Reves Studio.

9. Goen Jong - Fashion Brand Link

Goen Jong
Goen Jong

This is a South Korean based fashion brand that was established in 2012 by Goen Jong . The fashion brand was birthed after Goen Jong graduated from Studio Bergot , where he studied design programs. The fashion brand has continued to trend in the continent of Asia owing to its commitment to producing high quality, well designed, durable, and affordable articles of clothing. Its popularity amongst fashion freak individuals soared when the celebrity Rihana was spotted wearing it on different occasions. This placed fashion materials produced by Goen Jong in the heart of the people in the Asian continent. Goen Jong has continued to focus on the production of lingerie, Tuttle neck sweaters, black dresses, and tee shirts . You can check their store on any part of Asia to have a feel of their fashion products.

10. MimpiKita - Fashion Brand Link


MimpiKita is a Malaysian fashion brand that was established by three Zulkifli sisters in Malaysia. The fashion outputs of Mimpi Kita has reflected the fashion desire of the three sisters through its elegance, vibrancy, and color splashes. The word "MimpiKita" means our dream . The fashion brand has been working daily on improving on their current fashion design, making its fashion products a trending choice for all fashion freak individuals in Malaysia and the continent of Asia. MimpiKita specializes in the production of luxurious Eid collections, office outfits, casual wear, and bridal clothing .


The Asian continent has experience a.quantum leap in the fashion world. Discussed above are the top Asian fashion brands you will always want to have on your wishlist. Read them carefully and choose the beat fashion brand you desire.

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